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Warning Signs That Your Garage Door is Beyond Repairs & in Need of Replacing in Las Vegas NV

Garage doors are in need of maintenance and repair from time to time. Some jobs are an “easy do it yourself project” while others could be more involved requiring a trained professional to handle the task. But how do you tell if your garage door is in need of repairs, or replacing all together?

AAA Action Doors would like to relate a few signs that your garage door is in need of replacing as opposed to repairing.

1. Deteriorating Parts. Broken parts are common enough, and many circumstances require a simple part replacement. However, parts that have been malfunctioning can contribute to damage on vital garage door operating systems. Observe the door itself. If the bottom of the door has been altered in any way, more than likely, a whole garage door is in need of replacing. If you own a wooden garage door, look for excessive splintering or broken edges; this generally indicates a replacement is necessary.
2. Disabled Wiring and/or Cords. If there is any damage on any of your wiring or cords, it is a major safety hazard. The cords and wiring is essential to proper opening and closing of your garage door. If the wires are disconnected in any way, it could hinder your garage doors safety protocols and features and can cause serious injury or vehicle damage.
3. Quavering Door. A shaking door is a distinct sign that something is awry. Garage doors run smooth by design. A quavering door has dysfunctional parts and could be causing detrimental damage, leading you to require a garage door replacement.
4. Jittery Opening/Closing. If your garage door is not opening or closing fluidly, there is a serious malfunction that will require a whole garage door replacement if left unattended. As well as being another safety issue.
5. Abnormal Sounds. Unusual sounds are the cause of protesting, malfunctioning parts. Usually some repairs are in order, although, if gone without proper maintenance, the garage door may not be fixable and will need a whole replacement.
6. Unreliable Safety Features. If your garage door may seem to be functioning properly, but the safety features are either not working or non-existent, it is a wise investment to obtain a garage door with the required safety protocols. This will ensure your little ones, furry kids, along with yourself are well protected from a garage door that could be closing down on you unintended. Keep your loved ones and your vehicle safe from damage and get a good safety rated garage door installed.
7. Inadequate Security. Criminals are generally strategic in their activities. Burglars will attempt to use door access before they act suspiciously. If a garage door is not in working order, they may decide to use that weak link to gain entry inside your home. Obtaining a proper functioning garage door is always a good investment in securing your home.

If you believe your Las Vegas, Nevada garage door is in need of replacing, or even repairs, hire AAA Action Doors today!

Tips on Decorating the Garage Door for Christmas & the Holidays in Las Vegas NV

Decorating for the holidays can be fun; hanging the lights and placing the ornamental decorations across the lawn and rooftops. And then stepping back to admire your handiwork. Windows are laced in lights and aligned with wishful greeting decals, it is all so exciting. But what of the garage? A giant canvass beckoning to be included in the festivities.

AAA Action Doors would like to offer you some ideas on allowing the garage door to be part of the holiday adornment.

– Garage doors are a great place to hang that extra large wreath. Whether you took the time to make your very own from raw materials, or had to get that perfectly set wreath, the garage door is easily spruced up with an amazing wreath. Glam it up with glitter, fake snow or holly to make it eye popping.
– For an epic proportioned gift, wrap your garage door to resemble an unbelievably large present for the best kid on the block. Investing in an extra large bow and a tag from Santa will make all the children envious. If the wrapping paper is a little too much, using the larger ribbon and bow could still pull off an excitingly gigantic gift.
Include the garage door with festive lights. Incorporating the lights from the rest of your home into the garage door can make incredible patterns. Framing the door with lights and garland can make the garage door tasteful and elegant.
Magnets are an exceptionally easy way to vamp up the garage door. You can find one that matches any holiday themes and matches your tastes. You may want to test your door to see if magnets are doable on your door before buying the larger decorative magnets.
– For the artistic and creative painters, a garage door mural want be the way to go. If you have the time, even changing the scene once a month could be a fun way to carry the tradition all year long.
– For the tech savvy, a projector shining onto the garage door can be fun and exciting way to accent the door with lights and decoration.
Vinyl stickers could also could be used to dress up the garage door. These are a little more durable than stickers, but still easily removed when the holidays are over.Spell out wishes or comical sayings, or use your favorite decorative designs, or even your favorite characters.

Professional Garage Door Sales, Supply, Installation, Replacement, Upgrades, Inspections, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson Nevada

AAA Action Doors hope these ideas got your creative side in motion at the very least. If you should find yourself in need of garage door services over the holidays (or any time), call AAA Action Doors today!

Winterizing Garage Doors; Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis & Emergency Repairs if Needed in Las Vegas NV

Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for even a few years knows that the winters aren’t anything like back east. However, we can still get pretty cold, and that means we still need to conduct winterizing on various aspects of our homes. Our garage doors should be included in preparing for the colder months ahead.

AAA Action Doors would like to offer a checklist for winterizing your garage door.

Remote Battery. The average battery life in a remote garage opener lasts about a year. If you use it more than average, it could be less. If you are getting close make sure you have your spare remote on hand.
External Keypad Battery. There is a 9 volt battery underneath the keypad cover. Typically, the compartment cover is secured with a screw (philips in most cases). The extreme hot temperatures we get in the summer, the battery does good to last a year. Just remember to change it out yearly, or have a spare handy when it gets close to the year mark.
Counterbalance System. The counterbalance system, or the springs for your garage door need to be inspected. First, disable your garage opener by pulling the emergency cord. Gently open the door with little effort; try using just one hand. If it was simple to open, you are good to go. If it was difficult, contact AAA Action Doors for minimal repairs before it becomes catastrophic.
Weather Stripping. Evaluate the weather stripping along the door. Make sure it isn’t getting squished under the door when closed. Any damage; like rips or the desert sun drying it out. If so, replace it. If you are uncertain, one of our professionals from AAA Action Doors can assess the situation.
Metal Parts and Hardware. Take a moment to lubricate the rollers, tracks and springs.
– Before lubricating, using a rag to thoroughly wipe away dust and any prior lubricated build up.
– Apply using an oil-based lubricate (10W-30 motor works well in a pinch.)
– Apply the lubricate from rag to part, using oil sparsely. Be sure to wipe any drips.
– Avoid using WD-40 as this is not a lubricant, it is a degreaser.
– Avoid using grease, primarily not on the tracks. The rollers should not slide, but roll.
Automatic Reversal Systems. There two different kinds of automatic reversal systems.
– Mechanical: Using a 2X4, place it on the threshold of your garage door. Press your close button. Once the door makes contact with the wood, it should detect the resistance and roll back up. If it doesn’t, consult your manual for adjustments. If you need further assistance, call AAA Action Doors.
– Photoelectric: There are two encased systems about 4″ from the ground. After you press the close button, swipe your foot through the beam. If the door doesn’t go into reverse, a common problem is the units are not in alignment. Make necessary adjustments. If the problem persists, contact AAA Action Doors.

Professional Garage Door Winterization, Inspections, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Emergency Repairs, Preventative Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

AAA Action Doors has the experienced experts to help service your garage door, whether it be repairs, replacements, or simple maintenance, we can keep your garage door functioning efficiently.

Commercial Rolling VS. Sectional Steel Overhead Garage, Bay & Warehouse Doors in Las Vegas NV

When it comes to picking a commercial garage door you have several choices that you can pick from. Most of the time when you have a business that uses a large bay or garage door, that means you have machinery, materials and merchandise that are worth a lot of money. You want to be sure that you choose the garage or warehouse door that is best for you and keep the door secure so that you can feel confident that you are locked up tight. You also want a door that will work well for you and will last a long time.

AAA Action Garage Doors has prepared an outline of two types of commercial garage doors that you can choose from.

Rolling Steel Door: A rolling steel door is a metal door that works like a coil. The door rolls up into a roll at the top of the door or space that it is covering. It is installed with a pull chain that is used to engage the door and either pull it up or lower it back down. This type of door is a great option because it does not have too many parts and it will last much longer than other types of doors that are more complicated. The cost of these types of doors are less and the maintenance on them is fairly easy. They can be locked up and secured easily with a lock.

Sectional Steel Door: This type of door is a great option if you want a more eye pleasing door. The sections look more like a standard residential garage door. The sectional garage door comes in a variety of styles and colors to match the décor of the building. They also can come with some sections that have windows in them so that light can come in if you are working with the door closed. These doors are installed and use a pulley or spring system to open and close them. They also use a motor that is synced with a remote that can be used to open and close the door by the click of a button.

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These types or doors should all be installed correctly by a professional to ensure that they are working correctly. They should also be maintained by a professional so that any repairs are done before they turn into a larger problem. Contact AAA Action Doors for all your Garage Door Service needs!

Common Garage Door Problems. Maintenance Inspections Can Help Prevent Accidents in Las Vegas NV!

Your garage is a great place that houses not only your car, but other important items like your tools, recreation vehicles, the kid’s bikes and your camping gear. Garages are a popular place to put a second refrigerator or deep freeze as well. Garages are a great place to set up a work shop, or even a place to watch the game, with a television installed and a place to relax. Garages are a great place to fill with your specific needs and activities. One of the most frustrating experiences is when your garage door refuses to work properly. A busted garage door can ruin your day, take up time you do not have and throw a wrench in your schedule.

Garage Door Clicker Battery Replacement

There are a few common mishaps that occur with garage doors that with the help of a professional can be easily and quickly repaired. The most common issue with garage doors that occur is that the door simply will not open. If your garage door is not opening, it could be something as simple as a dead battery on your clicker. Check your garage remote and put in a fresh battery to make sure that it has the power it requires. You could have your garage door opening again for only the cost of a few new batteries.

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

If the batteries in your garage door remote control are not the problem, your best option is to call a professional to come perform a garage door inspection. During the inspection, the professional will go through a list of inspection points to determine exactly what it is that is causing your garage door to malfunction. A professional technician will go step by step until the problem is determined and the issue is solved.

Garage Door Sounds Loud

If your garage door has begun to make loud noises as it opens and closes, this is another job for a professional technician. This problem requires simple garage door maintenance work like tightening nuts and bolts and lubricating the chain drive. A professional technician can repair the loudness of your garage door fairly quickly. If your garage door is just normally noisy, consider having a new garage door installed.

Garage Door Opening & Closing Too Quickly

One of the more dangerous issues that occurs with automatic garage doors is when they begin to open and close much too quickly. This is a big safety hazard for you and your family and should be addressed as soon as possible. Make sure that your family and any visitors you may have stay away from your garage door until you can have it professional repaired. Your garage door may be in need of adjusting or you may be dealing with broken cables.

Professional Garage Door Installation, Replacement, Inspection, Adjustment, Emergency Repair & Preventative Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your garage door, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.