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Maintenance of Single Panel Swing Up & Sectional Roll Up Garage Doors in The Lakes, NV

What happened to the old-style swinging or sliding barn style door? Well they just are not practical in our urban environment. Swinging doors, operating like a pair of large double French doors, need room to swing. Most modern driveways are very short in the typical urban setting. If you pull into the driveway you would block the doors from swinging open. A fact of modern urban living is that few of us actually use a garage for storing our vehicles. Typically they are used as workshops or storage. In most of our current recently built urban developments, a swinging garage door is not viable. On to sliders, most of which utilize a overhead track. The tracks by necessity extend at least half the distance of the opening in a two door system. Quite frankly given the diminutive areas to either side of typical garage door, these tracks would have to extend beyond the garage wall. Not practical or aesthetically pleasing in the least.

Swing Up or Roll Up Sectional Garage Door

So we have two options, swing up and rollup garage doors. With remote garage door openers these can be opened without interference with the car just short of touching, for those who use the garage for its intended purpose; vehicle storage. Those hobbyists that use their garages as shops can utilize the full area with no vehicular interference. The only downside to rollup and swing-up doors is that when opened they cover the ceiling denying light fixture installation in the center and most desirable area of the garage. Roller and wing doors also restrict ceiling storage to the peripheral areas.

Garage Lighting & Storage Problems with Swing Up or Roll Up Doors

With remote control these overhead type doors represent an operational, if not ideal solution to securing the garage opening to the outside. However there exist some work-around solutions to alleviate the problems. Mounting ceiling flush light fixtures will provide needed illumination when the door is closed. In turn you can mount lighting to the back of the door to provide light when the door is open. As far as storage, this is best regulated to the sides and back, away from the door. It is not advisable to “hang” stuff from the door itself.
Swing open doors that utilize springs and levers to compensate for their weight are still encountered in older home construction, but have fallen into disfavor with home builders.

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair

All rollup and swing up doors require lubrication and inspection for wear and tear. Excessive wear can be dangerous leading to door failure. Some of the older swing up doors have failed to point of falling, creating a dangerous situation for the elderly and children. Most of the modern doors are covered with thin gauge metal sheeting. This thin metal is vulnerable to denting and distortions affecting their appearance. Garage doors are usually in front of the house facing the street, any blemish or damage is readily visible and affects the curb appeal of the home.

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For the professional touch, contact AAA Action Garage Doors for a service and maintenance consultation. We would be privileged to install, repair and maintain your garage doors. Contact us today!

How to Fix Garage Door Openers in Silverado Ranch, NV; Troubleshooting, Repairs & More

The electric garage door is powered by a garage door opener system. There are mechanics involved that most don’t think about. By a touch of a button, the garage door opens and closes for you. When the garage door does not open or close accordingly, the likely culprit is the garage door opener. When your Las Vegas, NV Valley garage door opener is not working efficiently, we at AAA Action Doors have prepared a few tips and suggestions to remedy the problem.

Remote or Wall Switch Won’t Open Garage Door

The power source on the garage door opener is likely defective if the garage door will not open through either switch or remote. The simplest solution is likely the cause, simply plug the motor back into the wall as it probably has come loose. Be sure to follow safety precautions and use a steady ladder; unplug the garage opener fully and then re-plug it in, making sure it is tightly secure. If the problem persists, the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI may have burned out or tripped. Replace the burned-out fuse or rest the reset the breaker or GFCI, especially if the rest of the electrical circuits in the garage have gone out. If the circuit breaker or GFCI is tripping repeatedly, it generally points to short circuit somewhere in the system a professional can diagnose and repair. Another less common reason, is the garage opener’s motor burned out and the system will need to be replaced.

Garage Door Keypad or Remote Control Not Working

Opener: The antennae may be out of range or first ensure the antennae on the motor unit is projected downward and is not at all damaged. If the opener control is not working, but the wall switch is, the remote likely needs a battery change.
Keypad: On occasion, sensitive electronics can lose their programming, resetting it is often that is required.

Garage Door Stuck Open

Adjust the close-limit switch. The limit-switch is what instructs the motor when to stop running. In the event the limit-switch is set incorrectly, the door may not close all the way. By design, the limit-switch controls the garage door as a safety measure to prevent injury or damage. The different garage doors have different methods on how the adjustment is done, be sure to consult your manual to correctly adjust the limit-switch.
Safety sensors needs a realignment. For efficient opening and closing there are electronic eye sensors on both sides at the bottom of the door track. These electronic eyes are another safety mechanism as if an object passes through the beam during closing, the garage door will stop and return to the open position. If they are accidently bumped and knocked out of alignment, the garage door will not operate correctly. Check you manual to learn how to realign the sensors.

Garage Door Inspection, Repair, Replacement & More in Summerlin, North LV, Henderson, Enterprise, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Anthem, Desert Shores, Green Valley Ranch, Inspirada, Mountain’s Edge, Peccole Ranch, Providence, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Silverado Ranch, The Lakes & Las Vegas Nevada

Rollers can be rusted or damaged, preventing the garage door from closing, as there are other issues that might be hindering the garage door openers performance. Lube application or part replacement might also be necessary. If you are still experiencing problems with the opening and closing of your Vegas garage door, call AAA Action Doors today and our technicians diagnose and repair the problem.

Garage Door Parts & Problems in Seven Hills, NV; Door Won’t Open or Close & More

The garage door comprises of basic parts. As the largest moving element of your home, these parts often wear over time, can have faulty components, or even poor installation that expedite the wear. Over time, these parts can fail and with routine maintenance, you can catch it before the domino effect impacts more of the garage door’s parts. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take an opportunity to elaborate on the basic primary components, and the issues they are most likely to have.

Garage Door Parts

1) Garage Door and Sections. This is the paneling that is the garage door. The sections of the door can become dented or damaged from kids playing sort games or rough housing too close, or inadvertently making contact with the car while it was closed.
2) Garage Door Hinges. Allowing the garage door to bend, the hinges connects the sectioned panels. The hinges can break or crack if they are not maintained and lubricated as needed.
3) Garage Door Sensors. On either side of the door near the floor, there are safety sensors. They will communicate with the opener and while one sensor sends the laser, the other receives it. The garage door will not go down in the event something blocks the line of the laser so that it can’t reach the receiving sensor. The US has required this safety precaution for any new garage door opener since 1992. The sensors may be misaligned or obstructed should your garage door only goes down a few inches before rising back up.
4) Garage Door Tracks. Serving as guide for your garage door, the tracks on either side of your door and leading up to the garage ceiling. If the garage door doesn’t open and close smoothly, the tracks need to be wiped down and lubed and free of debris.
5) Garage Door Springs. Supplying the power to lift your extremely heavy door the torsion spring above your door is under a considerable amount of tension. Do not attempt to fix or adjust the spring if the spring breaks or starts making noise. The garage door springs are a dangerous part and it needs to be left to the professional. Running along the horizontal track that should be fitted with safety cables on older garage doors may need to be configured as well.
6) Garage Door Opener. In the past several years alone garage doors have come a long way. Openers are equipped with more safety features and even Smart technology allowing access for use from a Smartphone or a computer.
7) Garage Door Bottom Seal. Serving as several purposes, the seal offers protection from weather, gives the door a more proper fit, gives the door a bumper as it closes. The bottom seal eventually becomes loose, brittle or cracked, allowing access to pests and weather. The rubber seal needs to be replaced.

Garage Door Inspection, Repair, Replacement & More in Summerlin, North LV, Henderson, Enterprise, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Anthem, Desert Shores, Green Valley Ranch, Inspirada, Mountain’s Edge, Peccole Ranch, Providence, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Silverado Ranch, The Lakes & Las Vegas Nevada

More often than not, the warranty of your garage door is only validated if you hire a professional for maintenance and repairs. The repairs are also more efficiently done and safely accomplished with the aid of professionals. So, when your garage door in the Las Vegas, NV Valley is in need of maintenance or repair, call AAA Action Doors and let our professionals do the rest.

How Effective is Insulation & Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth the Cost in Rhodes Ranch, NV?

As the seasons change from summer to winter homeowners frequently take some time to think about how to keep their home nice and comfortable during the changing temperatures. Many people begin to think about whether their home is truly as energy efficient as they think that it is. This can lead to questions about whether having an insulated garage door or adding insulation to your current garage door is worth the money. There are many benefits to having an insulated garage door.

Insulated Garage Doors Save on Heating & Cooling Costs

Insulated garage doors can indeed help you save energy. Every time the garage door opens the cold or warm air that is outside enters your garage. Then that same air can find its way into your home. This air can force your air conditioner or heater to work harder to maintain the temperature in your home. Even if the door that goes from the garage to your home is insulated and has weather-stripping on it cannot prevent the air from outside coming inside your home.

Garage Door Insulation Helps Preserve Tools

Your garage is an awesome place to store your tools. Storing saws, power washers, gas cans, hammers, screwdrivers, and more in your garage keeps your tools out of the elements of nature. If your garage gets too hot or too cold there are some concerns. The water in your power washer can actually freeze in the cold and crack your washer. Any gas in your gas cans can get ruined in extreme hot or extreme cold. Insulating your garage door or purchasing one that is already insulated can help your tools from getting ruined.

Insulating Garage Door Helps Extend Car Battery Life

In addition to any tools that might be stored in your garage benefiting from an insulated garage your car will benefit as well. Your car battery will work last longer if it is stored somewhere where the temperature is between 30 and 90 degrees. Here in Las Vegas the temperature in your garage can easily reach over 90 degrees. An insulated garage can help your extend the life of your car battery.

Other Pros of Insulated Garage Doors

Many people store seasonal decorations or other decor in their garage. If the temperature in your garage is too hot or too cold your treasured items can be ruined. We would hate to see your beloved items ruined! Insulated garage doors are constructed to increase the thermal efficiency. The benefit of the excellent construction of the door is outstanding insulation rating. Another benefit is that the insulation in the door also dampens the noise that can enter your home through the garage door. Some homeowners choose to keep their washer and dryers in their garage. If you have your appliances in the garage you will have some plumbing out there as well. If your garage reaches freezing temperatures your pipes can freeze. Frozen pipes cause all sorts of problems! Having an insulated garage door could prevent this.

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If you are ready to install an insulated garage door give AAA Action Garage Doors a call today. We can come out and go over your options with you!

Repair VS Replacement; How Often Should You Replace a Garage Door in Providence, NV?

The garage door is something you depend on to work when you need to get in and out of the garage. The door is only part of the unit. It also has a motor and remote that when activated will cause the door to roll up or roll down. As you pulling up to your house you hit a button and just like that you are in. This makes getting out of the elements easier as well as safety for you and your vehicle. When you start to have trouble with the garage door it can cause a hiccup in your daily schedule. It is important to know what you need to do when trouble arises. There are some things that can be replaced while other damage would require you to replace the door all together. Knowing what to do can save you time and money and help you know who to call.

AAA Action Garage Door Repair Outlines When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Damaged Garage Door Panel: If you come home to find out that one of your garage door panels has been damaged no need to worry. The panels that make up your garage door are usually independent and that means that if one has some type of damage it can be replaced. The panels are held together with hinges and you can take out one of them and put in a new one. Some of the problem you may come across are when you try and match the exact panel. Many manufactures make a certain style and just like anything else they change over the years. If you have an old door you may not be able to match it up exactly. In that case it may be better to replace all the panels for a uniform look.
Broken Garage Door Springs: If you come home to find out that your door will not open there are several reasons. One of the top reasons is actually due to damage to the springs. Most doors have a set of springs that are needed to pull the door up and down. When the springs are stretched out or broken the door will not work. You have to have the springs replaced to get your door back on track.
Outdated Garage Door Motor: Most people don’t want to upgrade something that is still working. Especially if that something is not really part of the décor of your house. The motor that is working to open and close the garage door can get worn out. There are only some parts that you can replace before the cost is not worth it. It is often times better to replace the motor if it has worn out and it has reached the recommended life span set by the manufacturer. You want to talk to your garage door repairman about what the best motor is to replace your outdated one.

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AAA Action Garage Doors can come out and make the needed repairs to your garage door. Call us today to have a technician sent out to your home or business!