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Tips on Decorating the Garage Door for Christmas & the Holidays in Las Vegas NV

Decorating for the holidays can be fun; hanging the lights and placing the ornamental decorations across the lawn and rooftops. And then stepping back to admire your handiwork. Windows are laced in lights and aligned with wishful greeting decals, it is all so exciting. But what of the garage? A giant canvass beckoning to be included in the festivities.

AAA Action Doors would like to offer you some ideas on allowing the garage door to be part of the holiday adornment.

– Garage doors are a great place to hang that extra large wreath. Whether you took the time to make your very own from raw materials, or had to get that perfectly set wreath, the garage door is easily spruced up with an amazing wreath. Glam it up with glitter, fake snow or holly to make it eye popping.
– For an epic proportioned gift, wrap your garage door to resemble an unbelievably large present for the best kid on the block. Investing in an extra large bow and a tag from Santa will make all the children envious. If the wrapping paper is a little too much, using the larger ribbon and bow could still pull off an excitingly gigantic gift.
Include the garage door with festive lights. Incorporating the lights from the rest of your home into the garage door can make incredible patterns. Framing the door with lights and garland can make the garage door tasteful and elegant.
Magnets are an exceptionally easy way to vamp up the garage door. You can find one that matches any holiday themes and matches your tastes. You may want to test your door to see if magnets are doable on your door before buying the larger decorative magnets.
– For the artistic and creative painters, a garage door mural want be the way to go. If you have the time, even changing the scene once a month could be a fun way to carry the tradition all year long.
– For the tech savvy, a projector shining onto the garage door can be fun and exciting way to accent the door with lights and decoration.
Vinyl stickers could also could be used to dress up the garage door. These are a little more durable than stickers, but still easily removed when the holidays are over.Spell out wishes or comical sayings, or use your favorite decorative designs, or even your favorite characters.

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AAA Action Doors hope these ideas got your creative side in motion at the very least. If you should find yourself in need of garage door services over the holidays (or any time), call AAA Action Doors today!

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