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Garage Door Replacement

AAA Action Doors has been proudly serving local commercial businesses and residential homes in the Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas for nearly four decades. We have accumulated valuable years of experience and we are completely insured and licensed to provide our appreciated customers an abundance of garage services. Our technicians have been masterfully trained and utilize exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, and products to give you premium results.

Reasons to Replace a Garage Door

There are a number of circumstances that could be leading you to replacing your garage door. Irreparable damages, extensive maintenance needs, or maybe the garage door is outdated and lost its prime and functionality. No matter the cause, finding the right replacement can enhance your home’s current style, boldly reflect aesthetics and add curb appeal, along with equipping your home modernized safety and design features.

Types of Garage Doors

AAA Action Doors can help you find the right for your home! There are four basic types a homeowner throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas can choose from. They are:
• Swing up
• Swing out
• Roll up
• Slide to the side.

Garage Door Style

The swing out classics, or the sliding barn door trend garage door are ideal for those who desire a distinctive look, or need to keep the garage ceiling clear. Otherwise the other types are more commonly used. After you choose the type of door, selecting the style is essential. Choosing the style includes the window preferences, painting options and overall appearance of your garage door. Finally, you need to select the materials you prefer for your garage door.

Garage Door Materials

Materials often utilized in manufacturing garage door replacements include the following:
o Wood. Wood adds the right charm and esthetic to nearly any style of home. Wooden garage doors offer durability and resilience when taking mild to moderate impacts, from a basketball from example. They do however; require frequent maintenance, especially in the dry climate of the Las Vegas desert.
o Steel. Steel doors are more optimal for those that prefer little to no maintenance. Depending on the steel quality, the durability and longevity can be ideal, but bear in mind the steal is prone to dents and rust if the paint is scratched the steel is exposed to the elements for an extended period of time.
o Aluminum. Aluminum used to be the preferred choice for the low expense of it, but upgraded materials are more desired for longevity, esthetics and durability.

Garage Door Replacements in the Las Vegas Valley inc. Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

AAA Action Doors has the experience; skills and overall expertise to help each of our valued customers select the right type of door, desired style and superior materials to get you the most optimal garage door you want, along with all the capable safety features and convenient upgrades and enhancements. Once you have acquired your garage door replacement for your Las Vegas and surrounding area abode, AAA Action Door’s leading team of experts can quickly and efficiently install your new garage door at affordable rates. With our top quality installation, your satisfaction is guaranteed and with such admirable end results, you will want to keep our contact information stored for maintenance and repair services. Call us today to get started on your AAA Action Door garage door replacement service.

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