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Warning Signs That Your Garage Door is Beyond Repairs & in Need of Replacing in Las Vegas NV

Garage doors are in need of maintenance and repair from time to time. Some jobs are an “easy do it yourself project” while others could be more involved requiring a trained professional to handle the task. But how do you tell if your garage door is in need of repairs, or replacing all together?

AAA Action Doors would like to relate a few signs that your garage door is in need of replacing as opposed to repairing.

1. Deteriorating Parts. Broken parts are common enough, and many circumstances require a simple part replacement. However, parts that have been malfunctioning can contribute to damage on vital garage door operating systems. Observe the door itself. If the bottom of the door has been altered in any way, more than likely, a whole garage door is in need of replacing. If you own a wooden garage door, look for excessive splintering or broken edges; this generally indicates a replacement is necessary.
2. Disabled Wiring and/or Cords. If there is any damage on any of your wiring or cords, it is a major safety hazard. The cords and wiring is essential to proper opening and closing of your garage door. If the wires are disconnected in any way, it could hinder your garage doors safety protocols and features and can cause serious injury or vehicle damage.
3. Quavering Door. A shaking door is a distinct sign that something is awry. Garage doors run smooth by design. A quavering door has dysfunctional parts and could be causing detrimental damage, leading you to require a garage door replacement.
4. Jittery Opening/Closing. If your garage door is not opening or closing fluidly, there is a serious malfunction that will require a whole garage door replacement if left unattended. As well as being another safety issue.
5. Abnormal Sounds. Unusual sounds are the cause of protesting, malfunctioning parts. Usually some repairs are in order, although, if gone without proper maintenance, the garage door may not be fixable and will need a whole replacement.
6. Unreliable Safety Features. If your garage door may seem to be functioning properly, but the safety features are either not working or non-existent, it is a wise investment to obtain a garage door with the required safety protocols. This will ensure your little ones, furry kids, along with yourself are well protected from a garage door that could be closing down on you unintended. Keep your loved ones and your vehicle safe from damage and get a good safety rated garage door installed.
7. Inadequate Security. Criminals are generally strategic in their activities. Burglars will attempt to use door access before they act suspiciously. If a garage door is not in working order, they may decide to use that weak link to gain entry inside your home. Obtaining a proper functioning garage door is always a good investment in securing your home.

If you believe your Las Vegas, Nevada garage door is in need of replacing, or even repairs, hire AAA Action Doors today!

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