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Winterizing Garage Doors; Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis & Emergency Repairs if Needed in Las Vegas NV

Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for even a few years knows that the winters aren’t anything like back east. However, we can still get pretty cold, and that means we still need to conduct winterizing on various aspects of our homes. Our garage doors should be included in preparing for the colder months ahead.

AAA Action Doors would like to offer a checklist for winterizing your garage door.

Remote Battery. The average battery life in a remote garage opener lasts about a year. If you use it more than average, it could be less. If you are getting close make sure you have your spare remote on hand.
External Keypad Battery. There is a 9 volt battery underneath the keypad cover. Typically, the compartment cover is secured with a screw (philips in most cases). The extreme hot temperatures we get in the summer, the battery does good to last a year. Just remember to change it out yearly, or have a spare handy when it gets close to the year mark.
Counterbalance System. The counterbalance system, or the springs for your garage door need to be inspected. First, disable your garage opener by pulling the emergency cord. Gently open the door with little effort; try using just one hand. If it was simple to open, you are good to go. If it was difficult, contact AAA Action Doors for minimal repairs before it becomes catastrophic.
Weather Stripping. Evaluate the weather stripping along the door. Make sure it isn’t getting squished under the door when closed. Any damage; like rips or the desert sun drying it out. If so, replace it. If you are uncertain, one of our professionals from AAA Action Doors can assess the situation.
Metal Parts and Hardware. Take a moment to lubricate the rollers, tracks and springs.
– Before lubricating, using a rag to thoroughly wipe away dust and any prior lubricated build up.
– Apply using an oil-based lubricate (10W-30 motor works well in a pinch.)
– Apply the lubricate from rag to part, using oil sparsely. Be sure to wipe any drips.
– Avoid using WD-40 as this is not a lubricant, it is a degreaser.
– Avoid using grease, primarily not on the tracks. The rollers should not slide, but roll.
Automatic Reversal Systems. There two different kinds of automatic reversal systems.
– Mechanical: Using a 2X4, place it on the threshold of your garage door. Press your close button. Once the door makes contact with the wood, it should detect the resistance and roll back up. If it doesn’t, consult your manual for adjustments. If you need further assistance, call AAA Action Doors.
– Photoelectric: There are two encased systems about 4″ from the ground. After you press the close button, swipe your foot through the beam. If the door doesn’t go into reverse, a common problem is the units are not in alignment. Make necessary adjustments. If the problem persists, contact AAA Action Doors.

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