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Commercial Rolling VS. Sectional Steel Overhead Garage, Bay & Warehouse Doors in Las Vegas NV

When it comes to picking a commercial garage door you have several choices that you can pick from. Most of the time when you have a business that uses a large bay or garage door, that means you have machinery, materials and merchandise that are worth a lot of money. You want to be sure that you choose the garage or warehouse door that is best for you and keep the door secure so that you can feel confident that you are locked up tight. You also want a door that will work well for you and will last a long time.

AAA Action Garage Doors has prepared an outline of two types of commercial garage doors that you can choose from.

Rolling Steel Door: A rolling steel door is a metal door that works like a coil. The door rolls up into a roll at the top of the door or space that it is covering. It is installed with a pull chain that is used to engage the door and either pull it up or lower it back down. This type of door is a great option because it does not have too many parts and it will last much longer than other types of doors that are more complicated. The cost of these types of doors are less and the maintenance on them is fairly easy. They can be locked up and secured easily with a lock.

Sectional Steel Door: This type of door is a great option if you want a more eye pleasing door. The sections look more like a standard residential garage door. The sectional garage door comes in a variety of styles and colors to match the décor of the building. They also can come with some sections that have windows in them so that light can come in if you are working with the door closed. These doors are installed and use a pulley or spring system to open and close them. They also use a motor that is synced with a remote that can be used to open and close the door by the click of a button.

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These types or doors should all be installed correctly by a professional to ensure that they are working correctly. They should also be maintained by a professional so that any repairs are done before they turn into a larger problem. Contact AAA Action Doors for all your Garage Door Service needs!

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