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How to Check Garage Door Torsion & Extension Springs in Summerlin, NV; Signs Springs Are About to Break & Why They Need to Be Replaced!

There are many components that assist in your garage door’s operating systems. One very important component is the garage door spring. Over time springs need to be replaced. Of course how would one know that their garage door has bad springs anyway and to know it is time to replace them? AAA Action Garage Doors…

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Tips to Extend Life of Your Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV; Lubrication, Tune Up Maintenance, Avoid Physical Damage & More

The garage door is a part of daily life for most; it is consistently being used throughout the day; every day. With the abuse they endure and the wear and tear they exhibit, doing everything you can to extend their lifespan, overall condition, and performance is important to avoid the need for premature replacement or…

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Garage Door Problems in Summerlin, NV; Jammed to One Side, Stuck Open or Closed, Shakes or Jerks When Opening or Closing & More

Garage doors are the largest moving component to your home. Through multiple use on a daily basis, the garage door will experience wear and tear. With more wear and tear occurring, you should expect the need for some repairs. There are some repairs that are more common than others. With that in mind, we at…

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