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Garage Door Maintenance in Summerlin, NV; Balancing Springs, Checking Sensors & More

The garage door is a part of your home that is different than other areas. The garage door is attached to a motor that moves the door up and down on a set of tracks. The door is the largest moving part of your home and needs to be maintained and repaired on a regular basis. The door has many parts and pieces that can potentially become worn out, broken or damaged. When that happens the door may cease working and can become a real inconvenience. There is a lot that goes into the maintenance and care of your garage door.

AAA Action Doors Explains What Goes into the Maintenance & Repair of Your Garage Door

Balancing Garage Door Springs: There are typically a set of springs that are used to engage the garage door and pull it up or send it back down. The springs are usually good for many years as long as they are cared for and maintained. When the springs go out it can be a danger to anyone that is standing too close. The door can come crashing down or get off the tracks. Springs should be checked for damage or wear and be replaced before they become a real problem. During your maintenance and inspection the springs will be checked and replaced if necessary.
Checking Garage Door Sensor Alignment: One of the most crucial parts of your garage door safety is the sensors. They are found around 18 inches up from the ground at the track near the front of the garage door. These sensors tell you if there is something in the path of the garage door. Then the alert will send the door open again and that has been known to save lives. It can also save your vehicle or other belongings from being smashed. The sensors can often times be bumped and get out of alignment. They will then stop working properly and may need to be realigned. They can also go out and need to be replaced. This area of your garage door needs to be installed perfectly to ensure that it works right which is why it is best to leave it to a professional.
Lubricant on Moving Garage Door Parts: If you don’t want your garage door to be loud and squeaky, it is best to keep the moving parts lubricated. This can be the tracks, rollers and hinges that need to have some lubrication added on occasion to keep them moving freely. This can be done by a professional when they inspect these area for wear and tear.

Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When you think about how you enter your home most often many people choose to come through the garage door. You need to ensure that the door closes when you come indoors and then lock the door in between. That means that when the garage door is not working right it can be a perfect opening for an intruder to enter. AAA Action Doors offers professional garage door services. Contact us for all your residential and commercial garage door needs.

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