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Inspecting & Replacing Garage Door Bottom Threshold, Side & Top Weather Stripping & Perimeter Seal in North Las Vegas, NV

The garage door to your home is comprised a variety of parts. Since they are designed to open and close several times a day most days of the week, there are quite a few of these components that experience wear and tear with repeated use and exposure to the elements. Though all parts are important to make the garage door function at full capacity, some components can need attention without you realizing it. The weather stripping on the garage door is one of those parts that have a purpose, but your garage door can still function adequately. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to shine the light on the garage door weather stripping.

Purpose of Weather Stripping Around Garage Doors

Weather stripping, like other pieces of the garage door, can deteriorate quicker than others. Weather stripping is more susceptible to weather conditions and climate than other components do. The primarily function of weather stripping is to keep the cold weather, rain, and snow as well as pests, dirt, and debris out of the garage. Weather stripping is constructed of vinyl rubber that is installed on the bottom of the garage door and not only keeps unwanted things out, but cushions the controlled falling of the garage door to absorb much of the impact.

Need to Replace Garage Door Sweep & Stripping

Weather stripping is very durable, with the ability to last years under high heat and freezing temperatures, dry climates, the regular use of the garage door, particularly as it closes, and other such factors all lead to the decay of the weather stripping. Every so often, depending on the before mentioned factors, the weather stripping needs to be replaced.

Signs Weather Stripping Needs New Installation

Below you will find a compilation of signs that suggest your weather stripping is in need of replacement to ensure our garage door is performing at full potential.
– Cracked Vinyl Rubber
– Dried Vinyl Rubber
– Frigid Cold Air in the Winter Filters Inside the Closed Garage
– Intense Heated Air in the Summers Leaks Inside the Closed Garage
– Holes in the Vinyl Rubber

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

If you should notice one or more of the above listed faults, the weather should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid pests, dirt, and debris from getting in, and the outdoor air from compromising the efficiency of the HVAC system, especially if your garage door is insulated. Upon your inspection of the weather stripping, should you have any concerns whether or not it needs replacing, contact a professional to perform an inspection; not only will the weather stripping be evaluated by an expert, the garage door in its entirety will be assessed and if there are any issues, the professional will note it in the report and offer solutions.

Tips for Weather Stripping Replacement

Replacing the weather trimming can have a few challenging steps and a professional can make the replacement quick, simple, and efficient. If you want to try the replacement, here is what you need:
– Weather Stripping – be sure it is the length of your garage door.
– Hammer
– Flat Bar – to pull old nails out.
– Pencil
– Measuring Tape
– Galvanized Roofing Nails – if your garage door is wood
– Sheet Metal Screws – if your garage door is metal
– Scissors
1) Raise the garage door at the height where it is comfortable for you to work on. If it doesn’t stay put on its own, a C-Clamp will assist you.
2) Typically, you will need 16 feet of weather stripping, but to ensure the measurement is correct, use your tape to measure the length you need.
3) Remove the old weather stripping; if it is nailed in your claw hammer or flat bar will help you. If it is held in by a track, pull the weather stripping out from one side and install the replacement by feeding it through the track and you are done.
4) Layout the weather stripping to the width of the garage door.
5) Start from one side of the door, and begin attaching the replacement with appropriate nail or screw. The stripping should be installed with the larger, sloped edge to the outside of the door, leaving the flat part against the bottom.
6) Trim any excess with scissors.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your weather stripping in the Las Vegas, Nevada area are in need of replacing or you need other garage door services, contact AAA Action Doors. Our trained technicians are experts in everything from garage door installation to repairs and maintenance.

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