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Garage Door Opener, Remote & Other Problems in Hot or Cold Weather in Las Vegas, NV

We all know that the weather and climate of the different areas can influence the durability of many of our manmade possessions, especially when it comes to structures, such as our homes. With so many factors playing a part, it can be difficult at times to keep them all in mind. The biggest downside to not considering the impact the weather can have is the deterioration that can be expedited. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss how the weather can impact your garage door in the Las Vegas desert specifically.

Spring & Fall Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Service Tuneups

For starters, many professionals encourage homeowners to take advantage of professional services twice a year to ensure the efficiency and overall condition of the garage door. Maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections are very important for the longevity and investing in such in the spring and fall is more optimal. Cold temperatures, though Vegas doesn’t bring the frigid temperatures the East and Midwest of the United States contends with, can still deliver freezing temperatures that can pose problems to the garage door; making spring maintenance services ideal. Vegas summers are extremely hot and dry, which is something the locals can attest to, but even those weather conditions can contribute to some garage door issues; hence the fall inspection or tune-up service being beneficial.

Garage Door Bottom, Side & Top Weather Stripping

Weather stripping, the vinyl rubber found at the bottom of the garage door, keeps the debris and elements out of the garage as well as provides a subtle cushion for the garage door on impact from its controlled descent. Cold temperatures as well as hot and dry climates cause the rubber to dry out; making them brittle and leading to cracking, chipping, splitting and shrinkage.

Garage Door Finish

The finish on your garage door is also affected due to the desert weather we experience. The varnish or paint will need a fresh coat every year or 2 to offer the protection the raw materials beneath the coating required to avoid decay or other damages.

Garage Door Won’t Open in Hot or Cold Weather

Rollers and the garage door rails are also influenced by the cold and hot temperatures frequently a part of the seasons. The lubricants dry out faster in the heat and cold. Along with debris brought in from extremely windy days damage the rollers, alter the rails, and eventually strain the motor with the inefficiency for the garage door to open and close smoothly.

Garage Door Opener Remote Not Working

The batteries in your garage door are impacted by the weather temperatures as well. If you notice that the garage door opener is inoperable, check the batteries, especially if they are over two years old, the temperatures can alter the battery’s longevity.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Though the cables, springs, hinges, screws, and other parts necessary for the performance of your garage door are necessarily affected by the weather, wear and tear are; especially if the parts that are influenced by the weather fall short. With a routine inspection and maintenance services twice a year you can ensure your garage door is functioning smoothly and avoid major repairs down the road. If you miss the spring and fall services, don’t neglect the services offered by your professionals; it is better late than never. Call AAA Action Doors today to schedule your maintenance or inspection service today!

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