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Why is My Garage Door Sagging in the Middle or Around the Frame in Mesquite, NV? Misaligned, Dented or Other?

Is your garage door sagging in the center when you open it? A garage door may sag for a number of different reasons and none are good. When you notice your garage door is sagging in the center this is a problem you will want to fix. Where some repairs you may be able to do yourself, often you will need a professional garage door technician to help repair your garage door. AAA Action Garage Doors will help troubleshoot why your garage door is sagging and what needs to be done to correct this problem.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

One reason why the garage door would be sagging in the middle may be due to misaligned tracks. The track can become misaligned and will need to be straightened out. If you feel up to the task this problem isn’t too difficult to correct yourself. To align your tracks properly you will need to unscrew the screws and loosen them from the wall brackets. Do not remove the screws completely, just loosen the screws so your track can be adjusted. Once the track are loose, you will want to straighten the track from the bottom and work your way upwards. Use a level to make sure the tracks are straight. Tighten the screws as you straighten the track out. If you do not have the time or tools to align the tracks, a professional garage door technician can help.

Do You Need a Strut on a Garage Door?

When a garage door sags and there is no major damage or repair that can help fix the sagging, your garage door needs a strut. A strut is a metal support piece that is installed in the center of the garage door. This helps to straighten the garage door and prevent sagging. Installing a strut is simple enough. However, to make sure the right size strut is used and is installed correctly, this is a better job for a professional garage door technician.

Rust on Garage Door Hinges

A garage door may develop some sagging when the door hinges rust. Not only will the garage door sag when the hinges rust and bind up, but your garage door will screech and squeal each time you open the door. To spot the noise and repair the sagging, you will want to have the hinges lubricated. Where you may think grabbing a can of WD40 will lubricate your hinges, don’t! WD40 isn’t a good lubricant for garage doors as it attracts dust and will corrode the hinges even faster. When you need your door hinges and other moving parts lubricated, get a quality garage door lubricator or contact a professional garage door service.

Dented or Damaged Garage Door

When the garage door is sagging in the very middle, inspect the center of the door. Sometimes the weight of the garage door will cause the door to snap in the middle. Once the garage door breaks in the center you will need to have the garage door replaced. When investing in a new garage door, consider adding a strut to help support the door. Sometimes the garage door is too heavy and needs additional support to prevent the door from buckling.

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