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Why Should I Lube Parts of Garage Door in Boulder City, NV? Make Less Noisy, Run Smoother & More

Garage doors get a lot of use, especially if it is the primary door used by your family. Unless it makes too much noise or traps you either inside or outside, few give any thought to the garage door. Fortunately, your garage door will continue giving, year after year, when you ensure proper care and maintenance is performed regularly. Having a professional provide yearly inspections and tune-ups, as well as having professionals handle the repairs in addition to your own efforts can maintain the garage door’s performance for years to come. A part of both the professional and your efforts includes ensuring the garage door is properly lubed. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to discuss the importance of lubrication for your garage doors.

Make My Garage Door Less Noisy?

Made up of many moving parts, your garage has many components that work together. When they wear out or are not installed correctly, you have rollers and hinges that make noise. In order to name just a few of the parts, the door also has nuts, screws, roller bearings and springs. These noisy problems can be typically cured with lubricating these parts.

Help Prevent Getting Locked Out of Garage

The garage door lock is neglected by many homeowners. A garage door opener may not be an option for everyone, and many people may prefer a combination lock or a simple old-fashioned lock and key. It could rust if in the event you fail to lubricate the lock. You will be met with resistance next time you put the key in the lock. Be sure to lubricate the lock at the same time you perform your other lubrication tasks to avoid lockouts.

Help Garage Door Open & Close Easily

As the door goes up and down, garage door hinges help the door panels fold and unfold. You know how difficult it is to get the door to move if have ever had to open or close a garage door with hinges that have been neglected. It does not take the pressure off the hinges, while a garage door opener takes the pressure off you as far as opening or closing the door. Preventing the garage door opener from being overworked can be helped by lubricating hinges to help them do their job.

Make My Garage Door Run Smoother

You know they probably need lubrication when rollers make an unpleasant screeching sound. In order to help your garage door, move up and down smoothly in the track, garage door rollers are used. To provide a smoother movement and protect the tracks, lubricants allow an additional layer between the track and roller.

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Most homeowners are not entirely certain how to perform routine garage door maintenance. If you are not sure the where and how much lube you need, experts can help you take care of lubrication and other maintenance. Just one maintenance task your garage door needs is lubrication. To ensure your garage door is properly cared for and lubed, be sure to schedule a routine maintenance service with AAA Action Doors and let our professionals do the rest.

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