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When Should I Replace My Garage Door Opener in Boulder City, NV? Is it Worth it to Upgrade It? Age, Noise & More

Do you have a garage door opener that grinds and squeals each time it opens or closes? Or is your garage door open not opening fully or seems to be developing more and more problems? These all may be signs that it is time to replace your garage door opener. When replacing a garage door opener, you are not just getting a new opener but you can upgrade to a more efficient garage door opener. AAA Action Garage Doors will share some of the common signs when to consider replacing a garage door opener and how you can even upgrade the entire system at the same time.

Are Old Garage Door Openers Safe?

One of the classic signs you should consider in replacing your garage door opener is the age of the system. A garage door opener’s life is determined by the number of cycles it runs a garage door. A cycle is each time the garage door opens and closes. The average garage door with basic maintenance will last about 10,000 cycles which is about 14 years. If you have a garage door opener that is 14 years or older, you are due for a new garage door opener. When you have an older garage door opener, not only will it wear down and die, but your home security is at risk. An older garage door opener uses a single radio frequency to activate the garage door when using a remote. Not only is a single radio frequency used, but a group of openers will use the same radio frequency as your garage door opener. A common method of breaking into homes is that a burglar will drive up and down residential areas and they will press their remote opener until they find a match. A newer opener uses a new radio frequency each time it runs a cycle which makes it impossible to break in. Not only will you replace a garage door opener but you will be upgrading your home security.

Loud Garage Door when it Opens or Closes

When you have a garage door that makes a lot of noise such as grinding and squealing, this is a common sign your garage door is needing to be replaced. As parts wear down you will hear it when you open and close your garage door. You can replace the part as needed, but there may also come a time you need so many repairs that it makes sense to replace the entire garage door opening system. When replacing a garage door opener, you have the opportunity to upgrade your opener. You can have a more efficient motor and a smoother garage door. New tracks and rollers will make the door opening and closing much quieter and there will be less stress on the motor. The springs can be replaced and you can even choose a belt drive motor which makes less noise than a chain drive motor. If you want a new look, you can change your garage door. There are many styles of garage doors that can enhance aesthetic of the home.

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When your garage door is old, needing excessive repairs, making loud noises, and is a security risk, it may be time to replace your garage door opener. When replacing your garage door opener you are also upgrading the entire system. When you need to replace your home’s garage door opener, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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