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What is the Difference Between a Sectional & One Piece Garage Door in Anthem, NV?

When you need to replace a garage door due to age or major damages, you may see there are different types of garage doors. The two most popular types of garage door are single panel and sectional garage doors. Which one do you need? Can you choose which type of garage door you can have installed? AAA Action Garage Doors will share the differences between single panel and sectional garage doors and their pros and cons.

What’s the Difference of a Single Panel and Sectional Garage Door?

To know the pros and cons of these two types of garage doors, it helps to cover what makes them different. As the name suggests, a “single panel’ garage door is one large piece that slides up when opening the garage door. A single panel garage door hangs using a strong hinge system that is attached to the jamb instead of a track system. A single panel garage door is mostly seen in older homes but are also used to create a vintage look in newer homes. A sectional garage door has several horizontal panels that are hinged together. A sectional garage door design allows the garage door to open and bend as the garage door goes up and down. Sectional garage doors has a track and roll to guide the door as it opens and closes. Most modern homes will have a sectional garage door.

Pros & Cons of a One Panel Garage Door

There are a lot of pros as well as cons of a single panel garage door. We will start with the pros or advantages of a single panel garage door. Single panel garage doors are more cost effective when they need to be replaced. Single panel garage doors uses less moving parts. They do not have do not have a torsion spring and other components that tend to need replacing. When you want to spend less money on a garage door, single panels are cheaper. A single panel garage door operates on a simpler operating system, making them easier to maintain. Another benefit of a single panel garage door is that they offer a variety of colors and designs allowing you to find the style of garage door you want for your home. There are a few disadvantages or cons to a single panel garage door. The function of the garage door and the way they open requires more space. You will have to make sure you do not obstruct the garage door movement so it can open and close. Another down side is the extension spring that a single panel garage door uses. Extension springs can wear down quickly and need to be repaired frequently or replaced.

Pros & Cons of Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door has a lot of advantages. They provide better security and have a more elaborate safety system. The modern design of a sectional garage door system also is more durable and lasts longer. A sectional garage door on average lasts between 15 to 20 years, and longer with great maintenance. A sectional garage door also uses less space to open and close making sure you can utilize your garage space. Some of the cons of a sectional garage door is they do require more maintenance and repair and replacement can be expensive. Additionally, you will want a licensed technician to handle repairs and maintenance for a sectional garage door.

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