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How Do You Replace the Weatherstrip on the Bottom of a Garage Door in Desert Shores, NV?

Being essential for defending your home against the elements is having strong weather seals on your garage door. It could allow rain, dirt and debris, or tiny critters to damage your home without these seals over time. For peace of mind, and to better protect your garage and your home, replace the weatherstripping often. AAA Action Garage Doors delves more into this topic below.

Is Garage Door Weather Stripping Necessary?

They are crucial for maintaining a consistent internal temperature in addition to the garage door weather seals safeguard your home and belongings from all sorts of weather conditions and animals. To create a comfortable space and decrease your utility bills, sealing all cracks around your garage door will help.

How Do You Remove Old Weather Garage Door Seals?

You will have to remove your current seals from your garage door’s frame to begin your weather-stripping replacement job. This process only requires a hammer, pry bar or flathead screwdriver and is often straightforward. Beneath the edge of your current weather seals, insert your chosen tool to begin with. Next, to lift the nail and strip with it, push the tool away from your body so that the end beneath the strip moves toward you. Doing this near each nail on the strip ensures a clean, damage-free removal. You can repeat this same process for the rest of your seals once you have the first one off.

Measure & Cut New Garage Door Weatherstripping

Commonly ranging from 7 to 9 feet long, though weatherstrips will come in pre-cut sizes from your local store. By measuring the length of your current weather seals with a tape measure, you can find the exact size you. Lay your current weather seal on top of your new one and use a pencil to trace how much you’ll need to use on the new one if you want to save some time. You can use a box knife or a hand saw to trim it down to the size you need when you’re ready to cut. To prevent them from touching the ground, it is wise to cut your side pieces about 1/4-inch shorter than your garage height, which could make them collect water and possibly rot.

Install Top Garage Door Weather Seal

First, attach the top weather seal to your garage door frame. Ensure your weather sealing is flush and firmly pressed against the door and fasten it using nails or screws with the door closed. If things need to be adjusted, you can tap the nails halfway in to give yourself some wiggle room.

Installation of New Weather Seals on the Garage Door Sides

Push the ends of the side seal up to the corner once you attach your top weather seal to your garage door. Ensure it is touching the top strip and not resting on the ground. Secure the seal with nails that are halfway in and do the same with the other side by pressing the firmly against the door.

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Try opening and closing your garage door to ensure it runs well once everything is in its correct place. You can nail the seals in place fully after making any adjustments. Though for some, this can be fairly simple, others may not have desire to do this themselves. Whether you need weatherstripping replaced or have other repairs, AAA Action Garage Doors of Las Vegas can help you. We also provide quality replacement, installation, and maintenance services.

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