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Common Problems with Garage Doors in Aliante, NV; Spring Breaks, Loud Motor & More

On a daily average, garage doors are open two to five times, which amounts to 1,200 times annually. With the regular use, the strain on the system adds up, and that eventually leads to more wear and tear. Over time and use, you should expect to run into some garage door repair needs. Though keeping it maintained and well cared for will minimize the surprise issues from popping up, there are some garage door problems that you will likely experience. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Garage Doors would like to share the common garage door issues.

Cable or Spring Breaks or Wears Down

Weighing in at approximately 150 pounds, the average garage door puts a lot of strain on the assembly. A track system that provides a path for the garage door to follow is part of the assembly. Without the cable and springs, the track would break down quickly. To lift the door and extend it is the purpose of the tension spring. The opening and closing process is smooth with this tension spring. Extension springs, on the other hand, stretch to close the door. A tension spring that does not deliver adequate tensile force to the door mechanism is another possibility. A professional need to fix the garage door because the system is complicated and potentially dangerous.

Loud Garage Door Opener Motor

The chain and the belt are usually the two types of drive mechanisms. The most widespread and cost-effective part to install is the chain. It makes a lot of noise when it sits loosely on the track. When you hear the noise from the chain, you don’t have to fix the garage door. In order to install a quieter system, you may want to consider hiring a garage service. Inside a polymer casing, the belt mechanism has hooks that attach to the gear. For garage doors, the assembly is the most sound-proof drive system.

Wood Garage Door Cracks, Worn Weather-Stripping & Rust

Being vulnerable to moisture problems, wooden garage doors can experience breaking and cracking. In order to prevent water damage, pests, and dust, doors require weather-stripping on the exterior frame. For energy efficiency, even metal garage doors will require insulation on the sections along the outer side. You need to fix the garage door to stop further damage if you notice gaps and cracks. To cover the broken sections and prevent air leaks, use a weatherproof filler.

Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor Issues

A person could be crushed by the powerful enough mechanism that drives the garage door. When there is an obstruction to the eye sensor on either side of the door, it keeps it from shutting. The door will not close when it is obstructed or faulty. You may want to consult a garage door repair service if there are no obstructions. A faulty spring may cause the door to open partially in some cases.

Need for Drive Screw Lubrication & Replacement

Rather than a chain or a belt to open or close, some garage doors utilize a drive screw. However, to keep it quiet and efficient, the screw needs lubrication twice a month. In order to avoid instances of catastrophic failure in case it is worn out, you also need to have the drive screw inspected every once in a while.

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