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What Causes a Garage Door to Fail in Sun City Summerlin, NV? Springs, Hinges & Other Parts Wear Out & More

When you sat down at the closing table, you know that repairs and maintenance are part of what you signed up for as a homeowner. When it comes to your garage door, there are some levels of care and maintenance involved. In order to take steps to protect your investment and avoid the inconvenience caused by a broken door, you need to know what you are up against. With this in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to list the top common causes for garage door damage. Keep in mind that these common issues are not the only causes of garage door damage and if your garage door is not up to par, you should contact a professional.

Garage Door Hinges & Hardware Wear Out

Your door can be prevented from working properly by the worn-out hardware, which is a catch-all categorization of mechanical issues. In order for your door to open and close properly, springs, lifting cables, rollers, and other involved hardware works together. If there are any misaligned rollers, broken tension spring, frayed lifting cable, or other damaged or worn parts, your door will function improperly.

Dead Garage Door Batteries Need to Be Replaced

Do not forget to check to make sure they are fully charged if in the event your garage door operates via batteries. Though this sounds simple and obvious, you would be surprised how many homeowners are confounded to learn that instead of garage door repairs, all thy need to do is change their batteries.

Fuse Blew on Old Garage Door

A blown fuse could account for a door that’s suddenly stopped working if you have an older garage door that operates electrically. Be sure that you hire a professional to take care of it instead of attempting to fix the problem yourself if you suspect that a blown fuse is the cause of the breakdown. In addition to ending up causing more damage and paying more in the long run, you could also suffer serious injury if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Replace Garage Door Weather Stripping

The weather stripping, those lines the bottom of your door is likely to wear out over time, no matter if it is extreme weather conditions that severely damage garage doors or mild, though harsher weather tends to accelerate deterioration. Depending on the material from which it’s made, the worn weather-stripping can allow both waters to seep inside of your garage and potentially damage the door. One of the most common ways that pests make entry inside your home, is in a garage.

Delaying or Ignoring Garage Door Repairs

Just like if it doesn’t sound right, you do not ignore the vehicle’s engine. You can’t ignore them and hope that they will go away when it comes to mechanical problems. It stands to reason that when the door is making a strange sound or isn’t functioning 100% properly, otherwise, you can experience costlier troubles. When the problem is minor than to call for emergency repairs when it’s major, it is much easier to invest in garage door repairs.

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