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How Do I Know if My Garage Door Spring is Bad in MacDonald Ranch, NV? Snapped Cables & More

Many of us take our garage doors for granted. They are constantly working and more than likely are the main entrance into your home. These garage doors have a complex system that helps them to rise and lower on demand. The springs that are located on your garage door are a main part of that system. When something goes wrong with the garage door springs, you are going to realize how much you rely on your garage door because it isn’t going to be working. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about the most common garage door spring problems we run into.

When Should Garage Door Springs Be Replaced?

Because your garage doors have to deal with the outdoor elements, it is no wonder that they need to be repaired every now and then. Following are the most common reasons we find that customers need their garage door springs repaired.
– Broken Torsion Spring: When your torsion spring breaks, it can be a dangerous situation. You usually know it happens because of the loud noise that makes when it breaks. Many people have compared it to a firecracker going on. Sometimes, you may find that your garage door won’t stay open or will open partially and then shut again, if this is happening, there is a good chance it is the torsion spring, and you need to call for professional help.
– Loud Squeaking from Garage Door Springs: If you have noticed that your garage door springs are incredibly noisy when operating, it could be a simple lubrication that is needed. It can also mean that there are more serious issues that need to be looked at an evaluated. You should always call on a professional to come and inspect the spring to make sure it is only oil that is needed. These springs should be oiled every six months.
– Snapped Garage Door Cables: Above the tracks that are located on the sides of your garage doors are extension springs. Within these springs, there are cables that are there for safety reasons. If those cables happen to break, the extension springs are all of a sudden trying to operate without the control needed to keep you safe.
– Slow Opening Garage Door: Over time, the torsion springs on your garage door start to become stretched out. This can cause the garage door to open and close slower than it once did. You should never attempt to tighten torsion springs on your own, but this is a simple fix when you turn to the pros for help.

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The springs located on your garage door are dangerous to repair on your own. For this reason, you should always leave any spring repairs you need up to the professionals at AAA Action Garage Doors. We have the experience and expertise needed to make sure any repairs to your garage door springs are done right. Call us today!

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