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What is the Best Garage Door Opener in Canyon Gate, NV? Is Chain or Belt Drive Quietest, Less Maintenance & More

When you need to install a garage door opener, and while you shop around, you may notice there are different types of motors. The garage door opener uses different types of drivers. The two most popular are the belt drive and the chain drive openers. For those who are trying to determine the difference between the two motor types and if one is better than the other, AAA Action Garage Doors will share some of the key differences between these two garage door openers.

How Do You Maintain a Belt or Chain Drive Garage Door Opener?

Both belt and chain drive garage door openers use a roller and pulley system to open or close a garage door. When you activate the garage door, the opener will pull open or close the door. One motor type will use a chain similar to a bicycle chain. A belt drive opener uses a rubber or polyurethane belt. When comparing which motor is stronger, the chain drive opener rarely breaks or fail. The metal chain is much stronger and will last for a long time. However, the chain drive opener does require oiling and maintenance. A chain is exposed to constant moisture and can rust over time and develop some problems if it is never maintained. A belt drive opener isn’t as strong as a chain. In rubber versus metal, the answer is fairly obvious. The belt drive opener doesn’t require oiling or lubricating and moisture isn’t a big problem either. However, the belt will need adjustment over time and can break. It will then need to be replaced. However, even though the belt drive opener may not be as durable as a chain, the belt still can last years and even a decade before needing to be replaced. Regardless as to which type of opener you invest in, a garage door operating system requires maintenance to ensure the longevity of the system and reliability.

Are Belt Drive Garage Door Openers Quieter than Chain Drive?

One common requirement many homeowners will look for in a garage door is lack of noise. Many homeowners hate a noisy garage door. The sound a door makes each time it opens and closes just drives them crazy. If you want to avoid a noisy garage door, a belt drive opener is the way to go. The metal chain will clink and grind together which makes a lot of noise each time the garage door is activated. A belt drive opener is much more quiet. However, the pulley system isn’t the only source of noise. To help make a garage door quieter, you must keep the roller and track clean and lubricated. You will then have a quieter garage door. When comparing the two drive types, you must decide if you want a less noisy garage door, or perhaps a stronger one. A chain drive opener is simply the stronger out of the two, but the belt is much more quiet. However, both types of opener will still require maintenance, just slightly different maintenance needs.

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