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Types of Garage Door Rollers in North Las Vegas, NV; Plain, Solid VS Ball Bearing Wheels | Plastic, Steel & Nylon Materials

The roller of a garage door is one of the components that wears out the fastest. So often the roller needs replacing. Many homeowners are unaware that there are different types of rollers you can have installed. Each has their own benefits as well as disadvantages. AAA Action Garage Doors will help enlighten home owners as to their choices so the next time you need your rollers replaced you will make the right choice for your home!

Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are a few different types of rollers that you can choose from. All rollers are made with a steel stem, with four different types of rollers or wheels at the end of the stem. It is with these wheels where your choices start. There are plastic, steel, or nylon that cover the wheel. Some wheels are solid much like a skate board or ball bearing. The plastic rollers are made with a solid wheel and are not designed with the ball bearing system. The steel wheel can come in either solid or ball bearing rollers. The nylon rollers are made just like the plastic rollers where it is a solid wheel made of nylon as well as ball bearing. For those that are made with a ball bearing system you will need to lubricate the tracks and rollers at least once a year.

Plain Solid VS Ball Bearing Garage Door Roller Wheels

The solid designed rollers often deteriorate faster than the ball bearing wheels. Plastic rollers seem to wear out the fastest of all the roller options. They will start to slip off the tracks and obviously will need replacing sooner, but they are the cheapest replacements. Steel rollers don’t ever break down like the plastic one does. However, over time the wheel will break off from the stems and will need replacing. The good news is this will take years to happen. Nylon wheels like plastic will eventually wear down and slip off the tracks. However many home owners are switching to nylon rollers because they provide noise reduction of the garage door opening or closing as it runs through a cycle. Nylon rollers are always favored because they last longer than other rollers. Especially for those rollers made nylon with a ball bearing construction.

Plastic, Nylon & Steel Garage Door Rollers

Nylon and steel ball bearing rollers have a life of 10,000 cycles which is 5000 or more cycles of life than a plastic roller. Plastic rollers come standard with many manufactures hardware. If you are replacing or installing a whole new door system, ask your garage door company if they offer an alternative and change your door out with either steel or nylon rollers. However some new garage door manufactures will already come with ball bearing nylon rollers. It will depend on the price of the door. So make sure you ask about the rollers.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

So in the end, you have to choose from solid or ball bearing wheels that are made of plastic, nylon or steel. Plastic rollers are a cheap alternative if you are in a financial bind. Nylon and steel will last longer, especially the ball bearing rollers. If you choose the nylon you will get the added bonus of a quieter garage door. The choice will be yours to make. AAA Action Garage Doors can help you replace and find the right rollers for your garage door. If you find you need any repairs or a full replacement of your garage door, AAA Action Garage Door can assist in all your needs. Call us today.

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