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When to Repair or Replace Dented Bottom or Other Garage Door Panels in Henderson, NV

A garage is usually attached to a home or unattached and has a large opening. The large opening is covered by garage door and comes in many styles, colors and materials. The garage door is often set up to function with a motor that when it is engaged it will glide up or down. The basic set up seems simple but there is a lot of parts that needs to be expertly installed to ensure that it runs quietly and efficiently. One of the main types of garage doors that is used is a paneled garage door. The paneling is a great cost efficient door to have installed on your home and makes it a bit easier to repair and to replace if something goes wrong or is damaged. Each of the panels work together to make a door that opens and closes. They are attached to each other by hinges and when one is broken it can be taken off and new one can be added in its place. The panels are usually some sort of metal but can also be wood or other composite material. When you find that you need to have your garage door repaired it is always best to call a professional.

AAA Action Garage Doors List the Steps that Are Taken When Repairing Or Replacing Your Garage Door Panels

Identify the Garage Door Panel Problem: When you feel that there is an issue with the garage door or a particular panel you need to have a professional come out. We can do an inspection to find out the exact issue with the door and whether a replacement is necessary or a repair will take care of the problem. One of our technicians is able to find the reason behind the problem as well and come up with a plan on how to fix it.
Order The Garage Door Panel Replacement Parts: The next step is to get the products that you need to make the repairs. This may mean that the technician needs to place an order to find the exact match to your garage door so that it does not stand out. It should match the garage door panels that are not being replaced. The company may have the panels available the same day but there are times that the panels will need to be ordered or prepared at a shop. Once the parts are in we will call to set up an appointment to make the replacement.
Prepare the Garage Door: When you need to have the garage door panels replaced the door will need to be prepared. The damaged panels need to be removed from the door so that the area is cleared for the new panel to be installed. One of our technicians will have the tools and the experience to remove the hardware and install the new hardware and panels.
Test & Adjust the Garage Door: The garage door needs to be tested and some adjustments to ensure that it is running correctly. A professional technician will work until the door is level and all the new panels are attached safely.

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