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Best Premium Features of Overhead Garage Door Openers in Summerlin, NV; Rolling Code, Multi Frequency Remote Controls & More

As time takes its toll on your garage door you will find a time will come when you will have to replace the door and its entire system. When the time comes and you begin shopping around for a new garage door you will come across many options that you will have to choose from. Of course not all garage doors are created equal. Some doors will have features that others don’t. Where garage doors are rather expensive, you don’t want to buy something you will later regret. This is why AAA Action Garage Doors will share some of the top features you will want to have, so you don’t buy anything you will be dissatisfied with later.

Multi Frequency Remote Control Garage Door Opener Functions

When it comes to “must have” features on your garage door you will want a remote control that will open and close it. Where this has become standard, not all remotes are as reliable as others. When living in a high populated neighborhood, there can be a lot of interference. This will cause weaker remotes to function improperly or even fail. Garage door remotes work on frequencies that open and close the garage door. Those remotes that use a single frequency seem to fail more often than those with a multi frequency. When shopping for a garage door you will want one that has more than one frequency for more reliability.

Rolling Code Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Garage door opener’s use a frequency code to activate the garage door. These frequency codes can be hacked and used by burglars to get inside your garage. As you are looking for a new garage door system, make sure the openers come with rolling code technology. The rolling code feature is major to your home’s defense. This technology sends out a new frequency each time you activate your garage door. This will prevent hackers from accessing your garage. This is a major important feature for your home’s security.

Garage Door Opener Battery Backup Power Supply

You will also want a backup power supply. You will never know when the power will go out or fail. Should that happen, you will still want the ability to enter or leave your garage when it is necessary. There are a few who don’t mind opening the garage door manually and therefore, this isn’t a must have feature. For some it brings comfort to know that the door will open without fail.

Wireless Garage Door Keypad Entry

Many modern garage door systems are coming with touchpad or keypad entry. Some touchpad systems can read finger prints. Keypads use a digital code to gain entry to the garage. Some really good garage door systems may not come with this feature. You don’t have to shy away if the door you like doesn’t come with this feature. Touchpads and keypads can be installed later if you still desire it.

Garage Door Opener Light Bulbs

Most overhead lights are standard features in most garage doors. However you may want to consider having, as part of your new garage door, a unit with overhead lights that work independently. Most overhead lights will turn on as you activate your garage door, and then turn off automatically after a short time. However some will give you the ability to turn the overhead lights on at will, providing extra lighting in your garage. Some even now have sensor overhead lights that turn on with movement. This is great so you don’t have to search for the light switch and even aid as part of your security system.

Quieter Garage Door Openers

You will see that manufactures will label how much noise a garage door will project. It has become a competitors market to make garage doors less noisy and far quieter. You will notice the cheaper the door unit, the more noise they will create.

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AAA Action Garage Doors wants to help make shopping for a new garage door simpler and less confusing. We hope we have provided some of the top features you will want in your next garage door. Contact AAA Action Garaged Doors to help provide answers and service with any of your garage door needs.

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