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Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems in Las Vegas, NV; Opening & Closing Randomly, Remote Not Working & More

Commercial garage doors are consistently used every day. They also wear out quicker because of it. If you are the landlord or renter, you may want to have your garage door inspected regularly. AAA Action Garage Doors have serviced many commercial garage doors. In our experience there are four common problems when it comes to commercial garage door repairs. While some don’t need major repairs, others lead to replacements. AAA Action Garage Doors will talk about these four problems that many commercial garage doors are susceptible to.

Common Garage Door Problems; Opening & Closing Randomly, Remote Not Working, Jamming & Slamming

1. Garage doors opening and closing randomly. Before you allow your staff to start believing the warehouse is haunted and grandiose stories begin to run rampant through the work place, locate and check the photo eye to the door’s assembly. They are usually located 10 inches from the floor on both sides. Check to see if the light is on. Remove any obstruction or reline the laser if it somehow got knocked out of alignment. If you need assistance with this, contact a reputable garage door service company!
2. Garage door remote not working. If your remote isn’t working, it may be out of batteries. This is common sense and most people will try this first. However if you have replaced the batteries and it still doesn’t work it may need reprogramming. Follow the step by step instructions to reprogram the remote. You might be surprised how often that happens.
3. Garage door jams. The garage door tracks get abused the worst. If the door gets jammed or grinds when you open and close the door, it needs lubing. You can use WD40 or other garage door lubricators that lube the tracks. Don’t over lube or you can cause a lot of dirt to build up inside the tracks. Also check to see if the track is aligned. If you are confident enough you can realign the tracks yourself but it can get tricky. You can call a repair technician if you don’t feel up to the task.
4. Garage door slams when closing. If the garage door slams downs and seems to be crashing rather then closing. This could be one of two problems. One, the springs are broken and two, the cables are broken. That loud sound is the sound of something broken. If either one of those two are broken the garage door can’t handle the weight and comes crashing down. If you are experiencing the garage door crashing down verses closing under control you will need to repair either the springs or cables. This is however rather dangerous to do if you are not well versed on garage doors, do not do it yourself. Hire a professional who can repair the springs or cables safely.

Residential & Commercial Garage Door Installation, Upgrades & Replacement Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Commercial garage doors need regular maintenance, repair and replacement due to the constant use. If you regularly lubricate and tighten lose components, this will help to maintain its use even longer. Commercial garages doors should be inspected often by a licensed professional. We can do a thorough inspection and know what to look for. This will help keep the cost of repairs and replacements down but also improve safety for your employees. If you run into any problem with your commercial property garage door, AAA Action Garage Doors is here to help. Contact us for all your residential and commercial garage door needs!

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