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Should You Update or Replace Your Old Garage Door in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV; Safety Reverse Mechanism, Noisy & Keypad Entry Opener

The garage door is a large door that covers an area of the house and gives the homeowner a place to park their car or store their belongings. The garage door is used often by homeowners and many of them on a daily basis. Most people don’t really think about the care of the garage door until there is a problem with it. The door has several working parts and it is important to have them maintained and cared for by a professional. You should also replace the garage door when it is too old or damaged. There are several reasons that you should update your garage door from safety to functionality.

AAA Action Doors Lists Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door

Safety Reverse Mechanism: Do you know when the last time your garage door was updated or replaced? If it has been a while you may have a door that is not safe when closing. Around 1990, there was a rule put in place to require garage door manufacturers to implement certain safety guidelines. This was after many deaths of children that were being trapped under a door as it closed. Doors that were made after the rule was put in place required a set of sensors to be installed on each side of the door. This would stop and reverse the door if anything were to pass through the line of the sensor. This has reduced the amount of injury and deaths that have come from garage doors. If you don’t have an updated sensor you need to update your garage door immediately.
Your Garage Door Is Noisy When Opening or Closing: Your noisy garage door can be an annoyance not only to you but also to the other homes that are around you. The noise that comes from the garage can be heard around the home since it is outdoors. Most people don’t want to deal with the noise themselves and don’t want to disturb the neighbors. There can be issues with the rollers, springs, cables and tracks which can lead to the garage becoming so noisy. It can be stopped by replacing the garage door and updating it with a newer model.
Keypad Entry Garage Door Opener: If you have an older model garage door you may have the remote access with a clicker that most people have in their car. That is a great start but what if you are in a different car or walking up to the garage? Most people want to have more access opportunities. This can be done by having a garage door that is compatible with an outdoor keypad installation. This keypad allows you to get in the garage door with a simple code that you type in a like you are dialing a phone number. You can update and change the code as often as you want to keep the door secured.

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