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How to Extend the Average Lifespan of Your Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV; Clean Tracks, Lubricate Moving Parts, Replace Seals, Align Sensors & More

A garage door is a major moving part on your home and most people depend on it functioning correctly to get access to their garage to park their car and get into their home. The garage door has several working parts and they need to be maintained and taken care of to keep it functioning. Just like you would change the oil in your car and wash your clothes you want to do the same for your garage door and the components as well. The more you use the door the more you need to look after it.

AAA Action Doors Lists Ways You Can Keep Your Garage Door From Breaking Prematurely

Clean the Garage Door Tracks: The garage door is set on metal tracks that allow the garage door to glide up and back down when you click the button to engage it. The tracks are open on top and that means that the debris that is inevitably floating around inside the garage is sure to find its way in and on these tracks. You want to be sure that the tracks are clear so that the rollers have a clear path to glide smoothly. You can have these tracks cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they are kept debris free.
Lubricate the Moving Garage Door Parts: Do you like your door to move nice and smooth and with as little noise as possible? Then you want to be sure that all the moving parts are lubricated so that they do not freeze up and seize. This would cause them to stop working and possibly cause damage to other areas of the door as well as stop it from working at all.
Replace the Garage Door Seals: The seals are part of the door that allow it to close up tightly and keep out the weather the best it can. These seals are made from rubber and the more they are used the more they can be damaged and potentially need to be replaced. If you start to notice that the rubber seals are damaged or dried out, you are overdue. The seals also help to insulate the garage door which can help you save money on your energy costs.
Align the Garage Door Sensors: One of the most common problems that people call regarding their garage door is that it opens back up when they want it to close. Many times the problem is due to the sensors being misaligned. This can happen by a simple bump from someone that is passing by. The sensors have to be aligned perfectly so that they can see if there is anything in their line of sight as a safety precaution. Make sure that you have your sensors aligned as soon as possible to ensure that the garage door works properly.

Garage Door Inspection, Emergency Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada.

If you want to make sure that all the moving and working parts of your garage door are at their best, you can hire a garage door repair company that can come out on a regular basis to look for areas that need to be repaired as well as provide routine maintenance. AAA Action Doors can handle all of your residential and commercial garage door needs!

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