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Trends for 2017; Does Your Las Vegas, NV Home Garage Door Need a Makeover, Facelift or Update?

If your garage door is looking old, it may be time for an update. How can you change the look of it? Garage doors are the biggest moving part in your home and because they’re so big, they take up a lot of the front curb appeal of your home. Real estate agents will tell you that updating your garage door will ensure that you get asking price and can lead to a faster sale.

2017 Trends in Garage Doors

The type of door you have for your home will depend on the age of your home. Classic doors will be the choice for homes that are older than 20 years and a newer home allows more contemporary looks, like modern styles, with clean lines that are straight and can be darker colors like blacks and browns. Living in the rural areas of Las Vegas, NV allows you to have carriage and ranch styles that are still aesthetically appealing. Baby boomers are requesting carriage-house and traditional styles where the younger crowd likes the look of modern and contemporary styles. Many doors today have “smart” features with them that can be synced to your home and phone with wi-fi.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Many of us pay a lot of attention when it comes to the environment and there are ways to reduce our ecological footprint when it comes to garage doors. Products that reduce heating costs will help. Even if our garage doors aren’t heated, cold air will get in every time the door to the garage gets opened. Many garage door manufacturers are aware of this and are coming up with garage doors that have a long service life — of at least 20 years. This happens with more robust steel hardware and products that are just put together better. Newer garage doors can also have the best insulation values along with weather sealing options. Having these options allows for garage doors staying warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, leading to lower cooling and heating costs.

Garage Doors with Most Advanced Technology

Along with improved energy efficiency, today’s garage doors have internet connectivity which allows them to make life more simple and perform better. You can also choose an opener with a DC motor which further reduces the amount of energy needed. Garage door openers with DC motors start slowly, increase up to their normal speed and then will come to a stop slowly. They can also have a backup motor installed.

Smartphones Garage Door Opener

Operating your garage door can be done with your phone. You can open, close and monitor it from anywhere in the world! This can be very helpful with kids getting home from school and you don’t run the risk of them losing a key or having to remember a keypad code. It’s more secure if they don’t know it anyway and they can just use their phone. As technology grows, so will the simplicity as these apps can be integrated into one. This will prevent us from having to open more than one app to do all the things you want to do in your home.

Garage Door Installation, Emergency Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

It’s always smarter to have your garage door installed by professionals. If you’re considering a new garage door in the coming weeks, contact AAA Action Garage Doors to go over all your options! We are here for all your garage door needs.

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