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Garage Door Noise Reduction in Henderson, NV. Proper Garage Door Lubricants, What Parts to Lubricate & More

Have you noticed your garage door getting seemingly louder each time you open it? If your garage door is making more noise than it normally would, there is a reason for it. You may want to have the working parts of your garage door lubricated. This is usually the number one cause of noisy garage doors. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about the importance of garage door lubrication and what you should use when lubricating your garage door.

A Little Garage Door Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Your garage door is one of the largest mechanical components of your home. When you have that many metal parts working together for operation, you are bound to have some noise. You will be hard pressed to find a garage door that is completely silent. However, you don’t want it to sound like a warehouse door every time you open it either. To keep your garage in working order, you need to maintain it. One of the simplest ways to maintain your garage door, is by making sure it has proper lubrication to keep all those mechanical parts working flawlessly.

Best Garage Door Lubricant; Silicone or Lithium

There are definitely do’s and don’ts when it comes to lubricating your garage door. When all those metal parts are working together, they heat up. You want to choose a lubricant that can withstand heat put off by the mechanics of the garage door. A couple of great options are a silicone spray or lithium grease. If you use a spray, it is easiest to be sure the lubricant is making its way in and around all the small moving parts to your garage door.

What NOT to Use as a Garage Door Lubricant; WD40

It may be a first reaction to go for the can of WD-40 to lubricate your garage door. This is a horrible option for your garage door. This actually acts as a cleaner rather than a true lubricant. It will only cause the working parts of your garage door to gum up.

What Part of the Garage Door Should be Lubricated?

Here is a run-down of the parts on your garage door that need lubricating.
1. Garage Door Hinges– Lubricate the parts when they rotate completely, but not past that because it will damage the piece.
2. Garage Door Springs– You want these to be covered entirely. Don’t lubricate to the point they are dripping, but you want the entire spring to be lubricated.
3. Garage Door Rollers– Just like the springs, you want the rollers to be completely lubricated. If you have wheels made from nylon, they don’t need to be coated in lubricant, just the bearings and you’re set.

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Once you have finished lubricating all of the working parts of your garage door opener, you want to lift it multiple times to distribute the lubricant completely. If you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project yourself or you still notice that you have a noisy garage door after lubricating, it may be time to call a professional like AAA Action Garage Doors to help. There might be a bigger problem that is causing the noise and the sooner you fix it, the better. Call for an appointment today!

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