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Steps to Test Your Garage Door in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Inspection Checklist & More

There are lots of things you need to do when you are adjusting to the new weather and a new season. The adjustment from summer to fall is one that people are usually excited about. You can stash away all the summer pool toys and swimsuits and start to get out your jackets and fall décor. You also want to make sure that your home is secure before the temperatures drop. One part of your home that you should take some time to look at and inspect of the garage door. Especially in the cold months you want to be able to open your garage with a remote clicker and get in the enclosure of your house. The garage door needs to work well and that is why taking time to test and inspect the door is a good way to start the season.

AAA Action Garage Doors Outlines How to Test Your Garage Door

Do A Visual Inspection Check: The first part of the test and inspection should be to go over the parts on the garage door. You can start with the main door and look at the panels and the hinges. They need to be in good shape and not have any rust of damage. You also can then check the tracks that are being used to drive the door up and down. They should be balanced out and straight. If they are not straight the door will start to wobble and vibrate. This can cause the door to come off the tracks or cause the tracks to be damaged. You also want to look over the springs that are often hung over the top of the garage on the inside. The springs should not look stretched out or rusty. They are a huge part of how the door works and how it is able to move up and down. You need both of the springs to be in good shape and if there is any concern it is best to replace them.
How to Tell if Garage Door is Balanced: You might be wondering why the door needs to be balanced but it is an important part of the longevity of the door. You can check to see if your door is balanced with a simple test. The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the door from the opener. You can do that by pulling the red cable on the door to allow you to move the door manually. Now you want to lift the door up yourself and leave it at about your waist height. Once it is steady you want to let the door go and see what it does. The door should stay where it is at and if it does not it may not be balanced. If the door goes up or back down it is often the balance and the springs. You want to have it looked at and corrected right away.
How to Seal Garage Door Sides & Top: You also want to keep those cold temperatures out of your garage as much as possible. This means you need to check on the weather seals that are around the door and especially across the bottom. If you see they are damaged or cracked and dried out it is a good idea to have them replaced. This will help to balance the temperature in the garage as well as keep out unwanted pests.

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