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How to Open Garage Door Without Power in Desert Shores, NV; Emergency Release Cord & More

When you get used to using an automatic garage door opener, you will never want to go back to having to open and close the door manually. Automatic garage doors are even more convenient when the weather is bad. The storm that made the weather bad can also lead to a power outage. This will leave your door inoperable, leaving you stuck out in the rain. This can also be inconvenient when you are ready to leave for work and your car is stuck in the garage. These reasons make it important to know how to get the door open manually.

Trip the Garage Door Trigger

It would be very hard to find a garage door opener that doesn’t have a bypass switch. This switch is important in situations where the power goes out, the remote opener dies, or something goes wrong with the motor. Most garage door openers have a rope with a red handle on the end of it. This handle will disengage the trolley from the point where it’s attached to the rail. When you pull this rope, you are putting the door in manual mode. You will need to be careful if the door is up because it can slam down forcefully. To avoid this problem, make sure you only pull on the handle when the door is in the closed position.

Staying in Manual Garage Door Mode

If the power will be out for a long period of time or you’re having problems with the door, it’s best to leave the door in manual mode. You will need to pull down on the rope and towards the back of the garage, or where the motor is, to make sure it won’t get stuck on the tracks.

Re Engage Garage Door Trolley when Power Returns

When the power to your home returns, you’ll need to reengage the trolley attachment. Do this by pulling down the cord towards the garage door to prevent the lever from engaging. You will know its back in automatic mode when it snaps back into place. You can also force the spring attachment back into place by hitting the button on the remote opener.

Garage Door Emergency Release Cord

When you disengage the track, bad things can happen. There are things you’ll need to keep in mind.
• Again, try not to use the release cord when the door is open because the door will come crashing down
• If that isn’t an option, you need to place 2×4’s to keep the door open for safe closing
• Make sure there aren’t any objects or people aren’t around when you release the door if it’s in the up position
• It does take some force to release the lever but do not hang from the cord or you may cause damage

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