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Fall Garage Door Safety Checks in Inspirada, NV; Test Balance, Inspect Bottom Seal & More

There are three maintenance checks every homeowner should perform on their garage doors before the weather starts to turn colder and the winter temperatures set in, as they only worsen with the rough conditions of winter. These maintenance checks cover any misalignment, cracking, or worn parts of your garage door. When the temperatures dip, emergency repair services increase. To significantly reduce the risk of needing repairs for your garage door in the midst of winter, you can do a check on your garage door now. Below you will find these maintenance checks we at AAA Garage Doors advocate for homeowners in the Las Vegas, NV Valley to perform this fall.

How to Tell if Garage Door is Balanced

Step 1) With the garage door closed, disconnect the door from the control of the garage door opener. To do this, simply pull the red release cord.
Step 2) Lift the garage door manually, stopping just at waist height and hold it steady.
Step 3) From here, release the door and step away; the door should remain at waist height. An adjustment is required should the garage door fall. In the event the garage door goes up, the springs are too tight. Undue wear is being put on the garage door opener in both of these scenarios. The door has to work against the spring pulling it up when the springs are too tight and if the door requires a re-adjustment it is strained against gravity pulling the garage door down.
Step 4) A professional is needed to adjust the garage door for balance if it fails the test and moves in any direction. The springs and garage door adjustment need the expertise of a trained technician for efficiency, and most importantly safety, do not attempt this repair on your own without experience and training.

Visually Inspect Garage Door Parts

Step 1) Start at the tracks, you me need a stable ladder to look closely at the tracks on the ceiling. Check for any debris, signs if rust, or any damage like bending or crinkling.
Step 2) Evaluate the rollers and look for wear or rust.
Step 3) Inspect the cables for any fraying, worn areas, or rust.
Step 4) The seal around the door requires a check with the garage door closed. Check along all of the edges and look for any light.
Step 5) Inspect the hinges for rust or cracks.
In the event you find any worn parts or the presence of rust, contact a professional for replacement parts before a major malfunction occurs.

Evaluate Bottom Garage Door Seal

The garage door has a seal between the bottom of the door and the floor. This element is referenced often as the astragal, which is a either a solid black flap or tube-shaped. To form a tight seal and soft close the seal is made with the use of a specific material shaped designed. In the fall, it is very common for pests to chew through the seal to reach the warmth and refuge the garage has to offer. If the seal is damaged by time or pests, it is important to get the seal replaced to keep the garage door operating smoothly, avoid pest intrusions, and keep the weather out.

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If you need any of the maintenance work completed or find the garage door is in need of repairs or replacements, or simply want it inspected by a trusted professional, call AAA Action Doors today!

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