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Signs Your Garage Door Springs are Broken & Need to Be Replaced in Henderson, NV

When you are not able to use your garage it can be a real pain. Lots of people like to park their car of truck in their garage. The reason is that you can have the sense that your vehicle is safe from a thief or even from the weather. Other people enjoy the privacy of parking in a garage so that people are not aware of when they are home or away. They also can go out to the garage to get in their car and not have to worry about being out in the open. The garage has many working and moving parts that can break or become damaged. If this occurs you want to make sure you have the door repaired by a professional. One area of the door that becomes broken or damaged and will need to be replaced are the springs. They create the tension that is needed for the garage to open and closed. There are some signs that you can look for when determining if your springs are in need of replacement. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what you can look for if you think your garage door springs are damaged.

Garage Door Makes a Loud Banging Noise

If you happen to be home and the garage door spring breaks you should be prepared to hear a loud sound. The spring when it has finally had enough will stretch out and break or unwind. The weight that it holds can be quite heavy and this is why it makes such a loud bang. You might think that someone has bashed into your garage but alas nothing is there. If you hear this loud noise you should have your garage door springs checked and repaired.

Space in Garage Door Spring System

When you go out in your garage and look above the door you will see two springs. They are large and should be spun tightly. The springs over time can start to wear out and when they are about to break you may notice space in the coils. The coils should be tightly wound and even. If you see that space you want to have them inspected and replaced before they break all the way.

Bowed or Bent Garage Door

When you open the garage door by hand you may start to notice that the door has a bow or bend. The problem is that the door is now being weighed down by the springs that are not doing their job anymore. The weight can take a toll on the door and if you continue to use the door it can possibly cause damage. It is best to leave the door closed until you have the door repaired by a professional.

Garage Door Opens & Closes Fast

When you open and close the garage door it should be done smoothly. If you start to notice that the door is closing very fast and not smooth at all you want to have the springs checked. They may not be holding the tension on the door that they were meant to.

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