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Reasons to Get a Garage Door Keypad Installed to an Existing Opener in The Lakes, NV

The keypads mounted outside many garage doors are small wireless devices that allow homeowners to fully control the garage door without having a remote. If you’re like most homeowners, you use your garage multiple times a day to gain entrance to your home. Remotes are great to operate your door from inside your car and having a keypad installed just makes it more convenient. If you’re thinking about whether or not you want to have one installed there are some challenges you should consider.

Pros to Adding a Keypad to an Existing Garage Door Opener

There are some good things about having a keypad installed that can make life easier.
1. Less things to carry. If you want to go out for a run, then you won’t need to carry your keys or a remote to get back into your house.
2. Reduces the chance you’ll get locked out. Families that have older children can benefit from having a keypad because they’ll never get locked out and can get in before you get home.
3. Less things to lose. Kids are notorious for losing keys. They won’t need to carry a key and they won’t need to worry about losing a key.
4. Added features. There are keypads the market that can be programmed to call for police or emergency responders if the situation arises that you need them.

Cons of Installing a Garage Door Keypad

There are some drawbacks to installing a keypad outside your garage door for you to think about.
1. Like any other garage remote, a keypad will need to be maintained.
2. Anyone who uses it will need to remember the code.
3. Kids will need to be taught not to share the code with anyone.
4. Keypads may give you a false sense of security because they are not a security system.
Garage door keypads aren’t any different than a garage door opener. It’s important to realize that they are in no way a security measure. They are only a way to open and close your garage door. They are also only as safe and functional as you permit them to be. With that being said, they are certainly a convenient option if you’re looking for more flexibility to get into your home.

Other Interesting Ways Garage Door Keypads Can be Used

1. Temporary codes can be set for guests. You can set a code to expire after a certain number of hours for guests to use.
2. You can use a ONE BUTTON CLOSE feature. Some keypads allow you to use the enter button to close the door without entering the code.
3. Program it to work with more than one garage door opener. Some keypads can be paired with up to three openers with individual codes.
4. Reset your personal code. For safety reasons it’s a good idea to change you code every once and awhile.

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