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Why Won’t My Garage Door Close All the Way in Las Vegas, NV or Starts to & Then Reverses?

When you get home from running errands or a long day at work most people open the garage door and pull their car in. Others may not park in the garage but will still use the entrance to gain access to their house. You need to have a good working garage door so there isn’t a wrench in your schedule. You want to be able to get in and out of your garage by the click of a button. This can be a remote clicker that is used in the garage. It can also be a panel on the outside of the home that uses a code to get in and out. The garage door is like most things that use a motor and has moving parts. You need to have it repaired and also inspected on a regular basis. This will ensure that all the parts that need to function are not damaged or worn out. One common complaint is that the garage door will not shut all the way and will come back open. There are some common reasons this could be happening to you.

AAA Action Doors Lists Reasons Your Garage Door Will Not Shut All The Way Or Come Back Up

Sensor is Not Aligned: If you go to the garage door at the front where the door comes down and look on either side you will notice a sensor. These are installed on the garage door as a safety measure. The sensor is there to stop the door from closing if there is something in the path. The problem is that they need to be aligned and leveled out. They work off of each other and act as an invisible beam of light. If the sensor is not able to sense the other side it will assume that there is a problem. The sensor can be bumped just slightly and that can cause the beam to get off the track. Just a kid walking by bumping it or if your door is vibrating too much can adjust the sensor as well. You can have the sensor repaired and realigned by a professional.
Object In the Path of Garage Door: The sensors that are placed as a part of the safety mechanism are there to stop the door from smashing down on any object. The object can be anything from a bike, car or even a small child. The sensor will say something is there and will send the door back up. That is a great way to save a life or stop damage but there could be a simple fix. If the door does not close all the way you need to go to the front of the garage to see if there is anything in the path. If there is you can move it out of the way and try the door again.
Garage Door Track Bending or Damaged: Another reason that your garage door might not close is from damage to the tracks. The tracks need to be in good condition so that the rollers can easily glide along. This will allow the door to open and close. If you have damage to the track it can prevent the door from closing all the way. You may need to have part of the track replaced or repaired by a professional.

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