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Garage Door End of Year Maintenance Checklist in Silverado Ranch, NV to Prevent Repairs

As the end of the year approaches, it doesn’t hurt to make sure there are a few things that are in full operation and to prevent the need for repairs. The garage door would frequently get overlooked, but running through the checklist to ensure that all is well with your garage door is ideal. AAA Action Doors has compiled a checklist that can help ensure your garage door is operating at peak efficiency.

Garage Door End of Year Maintenance Checklist

1) Battery for External Keypad. Found underneath the keypad cover, there is a 9volt battery. In most models, a Philips screwdriver is needed to remove the cover to the battery’s compartment. Batteries generally last approximately a year but can lose its charge under intense heat. If it is been close to a year, consider replacing them or at the least get a battery handy.
2) Battery Remote. As mentioned, batteries typically last a year and it also applies to the battery for your remote opener and the more you use it the more the battery is drained. Have a battery ready to replace it if it’s been awhile.
3) Counterbalance System. The springs comprise of the counterbalance system for the garage door and it should be inspected. To do so, first start by disabling the garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. With hand and little effort, lightly open the door; if it opens with ease, it passes the test, if there is resistance and is fairly challenging; the garage door requires the attention of a professional.
4) Weather Stripping. Check the weather stripping, the rubbing lining at the bottom of the garage door and check to make certain it is not getting squished under the weight of the door and look for signs of decay such as cracking, rips, or dryness. If it is looking questionable, get it replaced.
5) Lubricating Metal Parts & Hardware. The hardware and metal parts need to be lubricated from time to time; the rollers, tracks, and springs are the usual suspects. Use a rag wipe away dust and any old lubricated build up. Apply a very fine sheen of an oil-based lubricate (10W-30 motor works well in a pinch.) Dab the lubricate from rag to part, using oil sparsely and be sure to wipe up any drips. Keep in mind WD-40 is not a lubricant. It is a degreaser and you should avoid using it. Additionally, grease should also be avoided, primarily from off the tracks; the rollers should not slide, but roll.
6) Automatic Reversal Systems. There are two different kinds of automatic reversal systems and the safety mechanism should be tested to ensure safety.
Mechanical: Place a 2X4 on the thresh hold of your garage door and press your close button. The system should detect the resistance from the wood and roll back up. In the event the door does not back track, call in a professional for repairs.
Photoelectric: Approximately 4″ from the ground there are two encased systems. Swipe your foot through the beam after you press the close button. If the door doesn’t go into reverse, a common problem is the units are not in alignment; realign the beams. If the problem persists, contact AAA Action Doors.

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While going down the list you find issues, call in the professionals of AAA Action Doors for garage door inspections and emergency repairs to ensure your garage door is operating safely and efficiently.

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