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Pros & Cons of a Pedestrian Walk Through Garage Door Installation in Anthem, NV

The latest trend featured in many magazines and internet websites points to the versatile garage doors that feature a pedestrian walkthrough. There are many different styles and sizes; and they are certainly a unique look. Though these door additives have plenty of advantages, there are also some disadvantages as well. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss the pros and cons of having a garage door installed with a pedestrian walkthrough.

Pros of a Pedestrian Walk Through Garage Door

There are a few advantages that can make this new trend an investment to homeowners. Below you will find a few examples of the benefits it has to offer.
1) Energy savings. Commercial and industrial garage doors are often utilizing the pedestrian walkthrough door because it is far more energy efficient. As opposed to continually raising a 16X16 foot garage door for entry and exiting purposes, opening a smaller access door causes you to lose less heat/cool air as well as the power involved lifting the larger door. This option is very ideal for people who use the garage door as the most common entry and exit access to the building.
2) Functional. Buildings and homes often find a smaller, regular door for access proves to be more far more functional.
3) Practical. In a neighborhood where the building density is high and there isn’t enough available side space for a regular door, a practical alternative is the pedestrian walkthrough door.
4) Accessibility. Gaining access through the electric garage door when the power is down is a bit of a dilemma. Having the pedestrian walkthrough access cab prove useful an alternative entry point.

Cons of a Pass Through Door for Pedestrian Traffic

Despite the benefits, the cons may be enough to alter your decision if you are considering a pedestrian walkthrough. On the other hand, these disadvantages may be minuscule in comparison to the benefits. Nevertheless, below you will find a handful of disadvantages.
1) Expense. Generally, in order to avoid direct damage to the garage door itself, as well as the safety mechanisms of the garage door, installing the pedestrian walkthrough door can prove to be fairly costly. In some instances, installing the small access can be just as much as installing the full garage door system.
2) Diligence. Potential damage can be inflicted on the garage door if the main garage door is an electric garage door and the pedestrian walkthrough door isn’t fully closed during operation. Unless you invested more cost to ensure the damage isn’t a problem, this could be a major problem.
3) Compatibility. Not all garage doors are created equal and can endure the transformation of adding a pedestrian walkthrough. At a minimum, the garage door needs to be at least 8 feet wide, insulated with polyurethane and be 1 3/8”-2” thick to have the access door installed.
4) Reduced energy efficiency. Though energy efficiency can increase in the right applications, in some cases the small pedestrian walkthrough doors can potentially reduce energy efficiency. To know which applies, a professional will need to assess the door for compatibility.

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If you are interested in the pedestrian walkthrough door for your garage door, contact AAA Action Doors to schedule an inspection and our professionals can find out if the garage door is compatible with the installation.

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