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Garage Door Fall Maintenance Prep in Sunrise Manor, NV; Opener Batteries, Lubrication & More

Though we may not get a reprieve from warm temperatures right away in the Las Vegas Desert, fall is officially here and with it comes several projects that need to be done around the house. Preparing the home for the upcoming winter entails many objectives, but one that shouldn’t get overlooked is garage door maintenance. There are a few things you should do for your garage door prior to the winter months setting in and we at AAA Action Doors would like to list the important details to get done while the weather is manageable.

Fall Garage Door Maintenance

1) Battery for Remote Control Garage Door Opener. The battery in your remote control remote is designed to last on average approximately one year. The more it is used, the more resources are used up, lessening the battery life. If you can’t remember the last time the battery was changed for a fresh one, be sure to have batteries on standby to make replacing a cinch.
2) Battery for External Garage Door Keypad. The external keypad also has a battery lifespan of about a year. It is often a 9 Volt battery that is located in a compartment secured by screws, typically Phillips and can be easily removed. If it has been a while since they have been changed, be sure to have a replacement readily available. Especially over this seemingly hot summer, batteries drain faster.
3) Counterbalance System Check. The counterbalance system, comprised of springs for the garage door, needs to be inspected and checked for excessive wear. Start by disabling your garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. The door should be able to open with a single hand; with minimal effort. If it was a challenge, a professional should be called for repairs immediately as it is a safety hazard.
4) Garage Door Lubrication. For smooth operation, many of the hardware and metal parts require lubrication, if you want to take on the responsibility, be sure to consult your manual. More often than not the tracks, rollers, and springs need a slight coating of lube. When undertaking the lube maintenance, apply the following where applicable:
– Before adding more lubrication to any components, wipe it down with a clean rag thoroughly to remove any old lubrication buildup and dust.
– Dab lubricant to the rag and rub a light layer on the surface wipe any drips and excess lube.
– Avoid using grease as you want the rollers to roll not slide.
– Use an approved lubricant and do not reach for the WD-40. It is a degreaser, not a lubricant. The lubricant should be an oil-based lubricant; 10W-30 motor oil works well if you are in a pinch.
5) Test the Automatic Reversal Systems. Designed as safety features, automatic reversal systems consist of two different types; mechanical and photoelectric.
Photoelectric: About 4″ from the ground, this system has two encased boxes that have a beam shooting from one to the other. To test the efficiency; after you press the close button, swipe your foot through the beam. It should begin to reverse. If it doesn’t, a common problem is that the units are not in alignment. According to your manual, make necessary adjustments, but if the problem persists, contact a professional.
Mechanical: At the threshhold of your garage door, place a 2X4 on and press the close button. It should detect the resistance and roll back up when the door runs into the wood. Call a pro for assistance if the test fails.
6) Garage Door Weather Stripping. The weather stripping is found along the bottom of the garage door. It is a rubber strip that cushions the door upon closing as well as provides sealing from weather and pests. Evaluate the condition and search for any obvious wear or damage such as rips or dryness, or cracking. If any such signs are to be seen, contact a professional for replacing.

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At the end of the season, you should also invest in professional maintenance and/or tune-up to ensure your garage door is in optimal condition. Call AAA Action Doors to schedule any known repairs or maintenance services.

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