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Damage Free Garage Door Silhouette & Decoration Ideas for Halloween in Inspirada, NV

With Halloween fast approaching, there is no doubt that many enthusiasts will decorate the yards and homes as a part of the celebration traditions. Where many homeowners can expect waves of trick-or-treaters coming to their home, the likely hood of including the garage door in the décor is fairly high. Because the garage door is one o the largest moving components of your home, and likely the most used, you will want to make sure you decorate your garage door with safety in mind. We at AAA Action Doors would like to make some suggestions on how you can decorate your garage door without putting a hazardous strain on it to keep everyone safe and still get into the spirit of Halloween.

Ideas for Halloween Garage Door Decorations

Spider web: With the use of streams and construction paper, you can construct a large spider web reaching from one corner and expanding the width of your garage door, complete with spider. The light weight of the streamers and garage door will not put any strain on the garage door as you open and close.
Witchy landscape: A large roll of black crafting foam can be cut into a spooky scene complete with witches, trees, and even a few bats. The lightweight foam is ideal for safety and the scene is perfect for any Halloween décor.
Monster mouth: A painted tarp can be painted to dictate any scary décor like a monster’s mouth with sharp jagged teeth and a sinister grin. Tarp is also light and can be added to the garage door’s surface with any hardship during operation.
Jack-o-lantern: Using a large sheet of felt or cloth, you can design your own enormous jack-o-lantern or a few smaller ones to cover the length of your garage door. Cloth and felt can be used to create a number of other ideas and the garage door can still function at its full potential.
Frankenstein’s face: With sturdy cloth complete with black fringe on top for his hair and white crabby eyes and a stitched mouth, you can transform your garage door into Frankenstein’s monster this Halloween.
Toil and trouble: You can unfold a scene of ghosts in a cemetery, or bats and cats on a fence line, or witches in the forest busy at work with their cauldron with a black cut-out silhouette. Too make it more enticing, string orange backlighting behind. Just be sure the display is well anchored to the garage door without causing damage and it won’t get in the way as it opens closes.

Only Dress Up Garage Door Panels

These are just a few ideas on some Halloween décor you can put up on the garage door; don’t be afraid to get creative. Just remember the garage door should not be burdened with anything heavy and it should not impede opening and closing while it opens and closes. Avoid using any of the garage doors other components and stick to the panels.

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