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Noisy Garage Door in Seven Hills, NV? Off Balance & Other Signs Maintenance is Needed

Like your car and HVAC system, a garage door requires periodic maintenance to make sure the garage door continues to function smoothly, safely and correctly. A garage door does, from time to time, need to be inspected and maintained. Garage doors have various components that need tightening, cleaning or even replacement. When a garage door is neglected too often it fails or wears down quickly. If this happens, a total garage door replacement will be needed. To help extend your garage door’s life AAA Action Garage Doors will share the basic needs and maintenance for garage doors.

Signs It’s Time for Maintenance; Causes of a Noisy Garage Door Opener & More

In most cases a garage door and its system will often tell or show you when it needs maintenance. For example, a garage door may become louder, or you may hear squeaking metal. The garage door may jerk or stutter when it is opening or closing. When the garage door begins to make odd sounds or has delayed or jerky movements, it is probably time to have the garage door serviced.
Garage Door Hardware Tightening: It is very common for hardware to become loosened over time. Since garage doors tend to vibrate and shake, it often causes screws and bolts to loosen. When a garage door makes noise or shakes more than usual it is often because all the hardware needs tightening.
Off Balance Garage Door: Garage doors can also become off balance. This is one reason why garage doors shake when they are opened or one side seems to lift or close before the other side. Make sure you have the garage door balance tested and corrected by a professional garage door technician. Imbalance can result from bad springs or the springs need readjustment.
Roller & Track Lubrication: The rollers do a lot of work each time the garage door is activated. It is common for rollers to need to be replaced if they break or rust. Often to help the garage door function smoothly the tracks and rollers need to be cleaned or lubricated. While the roller and tracks are being lubricated the tracks are also inspected for dents or any obstruction.
Lubricate Other Moving Components: All moving parts should always be lubricated. By lubricating the moving components, it helps reduce the amount of stress or work on the garage door opener. It also helps extend the life of the entire garage door.
Weather Stripping Replacement: The rubber lining at the bottom of the garage door helps keep the garage better insulated. The weather stripping also helps to keep the dirt and debris out of the garage, keeping the inside a little bit cleaner. During a basic inspection and service, the garage door weather stripping can be replaced if needed to help keep the inside cleaner and better insulated.
Cables Inspected: The cables that lift the garage door and hold it up while it slowly closes must always be inspected. If the cables are wearing out or compromised the entire garage door can come down. It is essential for safety that the cables are maintained. If the cables show any signs of wear it is important that they get replaced.

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Garage door maintenance is so important, not just to extend the life of your garage door but also to help ensure safety. If your garage door is trying to show or tell you it needs maintenance, contact AAA Action Garage Doors. We provide inspection, maintenance, and installation services. For quality garage door services, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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