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How Often Should Commercial Garage Doors Be Inspected & Serviced in Rhodes Ranch, NV?

It is essential for commercial and rental loading zones to have a working and efficient garage door system. When a garage door gets stuck or jammed is can slow down inventory and maintaining a stocked business. Many businesses that encounter garage door jams will often ask about garage door maintenance and how often they should be inspected and tuned-up to prevent jams or failures. AAA Action Garage Doors will explain why and how often commercial garage door should be inspected and serviced to ensure reliability of the garage door operating system.

How Often Should Commercial Garage Doors Be Serviced?

To determine how often a commercial garage door needs to be inspected or serviced will depend on how often the garage door is used. When a garage door is frequently used the more wear and stress is put on the garage door system. The less it used the longer it will need to go between services or tune-ups. If your business receives frequent shipments or deliveries and your garage door is used several times a day then you will want to schedule inspections and tune-ups more often then a garage door that use once or twice a day. Garage doors that are used once or twice a day may only need garage door inspections and servicing once a year while garage door used more frequently may need to be service twice a year.

Does Commercial Garage Door Need Frequent Repairs?

Another considerations on how often a garage door may need to be serviced will depend on how often the garage door has problems. Like anything manufactured you can get a lemon or a defective garage door, which would be better to replace versus repair. However, some business owners may choose to repair the garage door and correct factory issues. These garage doors may need more maintenance to continue to keep on running smoothly. If a garage door has been damaged and repaired, they may need to be inspected and serviced more often. Garage doors that develop failures or frequent issues should be inspected and if needed serviced quarterly.

Where is the Garage Door Located?

Is the garage door in a area with poor security or prone to exterior damages? Sometime it’s not what goes on inside but more what goes on outside that can determine when to have your garage door inspected. Commercial loading and storage sites are often in the back of the store that are not monitored except by camera that may not be constantly monitored. Garage doors are often targeted by thieves trying to break in and steal the stores goods. When the garage door has signs of tampering or have been broken into it is recommended to have the garage door inspected. The garage door security feature may require enforcing or repair to prevent future break ins. If the garage door been broken into call for emergency repair to secure the storage site.

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