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Need for Spring Garage Door Inspection, Testing & Tune Up Preventive Maintenance in Inspirada, NV

Not only is your garage door the largest moving component of your home, it may even be one of the components that operates the most with the countless times it opens and closes over time. To ensure your garage door functions efficiently and safely, proper care as well as professional inspection and maintenance services are necessary. Investing in a point inspection and tune-up service this spring for your garage door opener is an important aspect to the overall condition and performance of your garage door. It can help avoid safety hazards and reduce the need for repairs and avert many from even occurring. When getting a professional tune-up service, there are a few things you can expect and we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to share some of the generalities.

Garage Door Tune Up

It starts with Preparation, then Inspections, followed by Maintenance. For example, the professional technicians of AAA Action Doors will performs a comprehensive inspection during the garage door tune-up that includes all the hardware such as lift cables, weather strips, electric eyes, rackets, and remote-control access; all of which allows the garage door to operate . Any of these parts look loose, they are tightened, or if they need lube, it is applied, and any buildup is thoroughly cleaned. Lube is frequently needed on the garage door’s springs to prevent corrosion and make your springs last that much longer. Because obstructions could cause the door to come off the tracks, the technician will clean the debris off. Damage could ensue to the vehicle or even cause injury of the garage door if it should fall off the track due to debris.

Garage Door Safety Inspection & Testing

To increase the safety of your garage door, we at AAA Action Doors include testing the garage doors performance and smooth operation, as well as safety quality; we test the opener, such as the belt, chain, and motor as well as assess the operation of the remote and electric eye sensitivity. If any object is under the garage, the garage door should be forced into reverse. In the event the garage door does not follow protocol, our technicians find out why and make the necessary repairs and adjustments to ensure your safety. You can also perform the safety test once a month to ensure that the safety features are intact. Place a stack of paper towels under the garage door and if the garage door does not go in reverse when in touches the object, check for anything that could interfering with the electric beam between tracks. Performing this simple test to check on the safety standards of your garage door can help ensure it is there when you need it. If there is a problem that needs correcting, doing this test can prevent potential harm to loved ones or damage to loved ones.

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Getting your garage door professionally tuned up is affordable and easy to schedule. It can keep your garage door safe and operating in peak performance. Call AAA Action Doors today to schedule your garage tune-up service.

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