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Garage Door Will Not Close with Opener in North Las Vegas, NV; Travel Limit Adjustment & More

The garage door has become a very useful tool for homeowners. Your garage is a great place to house your car and other items that you don’t have use for on a daily basis. The garage should be locked and secured so that your items are safe from a would be burglar. That is why the door is so important. The door needs to be operating properly so you can come and go as you please. The door should be able to open and close with the easy push of a button. When these functions don’t work it can be frustrating. There are several reasons that your door may not close all the way when you leave and want to secure the garage.

AAA Action Doors Lists Reasons Your Garage Door Stays Open When You Try to Close It!

Garage Door Closes Part Way, then Opens Again: One of the most common problems that people have is that their garage door will not close when they press the button on their opener. The garage will come down a small way but then come right back open. The first thing that you need to check is if there is something that is in the way such as a toy, bike or car that is in the path. If that is the case the item will be in the path of the sensor that is set up as a safety device. This is to prevent a person from being hurt if the door closes on them. You should check for something in the path of the door and then clear it out of the way. Then check to see if the garage door will close again. If it still comes open you need to check another option.
Garage Door Sensor is Bad: The sensor plays a role in the way that the door functions. It is a way to add safety to the door and will tell the door if something is in the path of the door. Then it will come back open rather than close. If there is nothing in the path then there may be a problem with the sensor. They can be damaged and need to be replaced or they can be just out of alignment. They need to be lined up so that they are directly across from one another. You can try to make small adjustments on your own and if this does not work it is best to have them replaced.
Garage Door Travel Limit Adjustment: When you have a new garage door installed they are able to set it up so that it functions well. One of the settings that they will set is called the travel limit. The space that is available for the door to travel is different from one door to the next. That means that the setting needs to be adjusted so that the door knows how far it is supposed to travel. If it is not set properly when installed you will have a problem. It can also come out of adjustment through the use of the door and may just need to be adjusted again. This can be done by a professional that has the ability to work on the door.

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