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How to Open & Close Your Electric Garage Door Manually (Without Power) in Henderson, NV

During a power outage, your garage door is rendered useless, and now you are stuck with a major inconvenience. If you typically keep your vehicle protected inside the garage, you are probably wondering how you are supposed to get it out when necessary. Fortunately, opening the garage door is a lot simpler than you may realize during a power outage. Today we at AAA Action Doors like to relate how to get your garage door open when there is a power outage.

Garage Door Bypass Trigger

More than likely, your automatic garage door opener has a feature that allows you to use the door manually. There is generally a rope, usually with a handle at that end, which hangs from the garage door opener. This rope is the bypass trigger that allows you to open the automatic garage door opener manually when there is power outage.

How to Manually Open Garage Door

The opener disengages from the automatic system that’s become unusable by the power outage when you pull down on this handle. Only when the garage door is closed is when it is the most ideal time to pull down on the handle and activate your bypass for safety standards. The weight of the door could cause it to slam shut at a violent speed if you do this procedure when the door is open. The results could cause damage to the door or property or injure people or pets in close proximity. Pull the rope back as close to the garage door opener motor as possible. During manual mode operation doing this will keep the rope out of the way. The automatic operation of your garage opener can work as long as your power is out without any repercussions.

How to Re-Engage Automatic Garage Door Opener

Once the power is restored and you once again want to take advantage of the convenience of the automatic garage door opener, reattach your garage door to the automatic opener by pulling down on the handle at the end of the rope again, just like when you first disengaged the opener. Next, pull up on the door until you hear or feel it cinch back into place again. An alternative method may be to press the button on your automatic opener. The spring attachment should reconnect once the opener reaches a certain point. In the event that your garage door does not reengage after the power outage, you may need to call a professional for repairs. A power surge that’s made the automatic opener inoperable may have been a possibility when the power returned.

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A power outage can make your automatic garage door a convenience, but it will not render it unsafe to use. Garage doors are heavy items that operate under massive amounts of tension, power or no power. The garage door and the opener are designed to manage the weight and tension safely, but never do anything that seems unsafe or that puts too much strain on the door. If you find the automatic garage door opener is not operating as it should call in the professionals of AAA Action Doors and let our trained experts diagnose and repair the problem quickly and efficiently.

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