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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Summerlin, Las Vegas NV Garage Door Opening & Closing Smoothly

Your garage door is a major part of your home, but many homeowners fail to appreciate its importance until something goes wrong and it will not open, close or function properly. Nothing is quite as frustrating as pulling out of your garage and pushing the remote for the door to close and nothing happening. Especially if you are in a hurry to get out of the house, this can be very aggravating. Other homeowners have experienced even more stress when they go to close their garage door and it completely falls off the track, making your garage door half way up on one side and down on the other. Garage door problems stink, and are inconvenient. If you run into a problem with your garage door, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today for the best garage door service in town.

Does Your Garage Door Remote Battery Need Changing?

One of the most common problems that homeowners have but do not realize until later is that the reason their garage door is not opening is because the batteries in the garage door remote or transmitter are dead or low on juice. Remember that the transmitter also requires power to work, this includes the transmitter that is attached to the garage wall as well. If the batteries are low in one transmitter, they are likely low in all other transmitters, assuming that you put the batteries in all of them close to the same time. If you push your remote or transmitter and nothing happens, check your batteries. It could be that only a few dollars is standing in the way of your garage door functioning properly once again.

Does Your Garage Door Sensor or Photo Safety Eye Need to be Inspected & Realigned?

If you push your transmitter in your garage and the door begins to close but then goes back up, carefully inspect the photo eyes of your garage door. On both sides of your garage door are photo eyes and between those two photo eyes is an invisible beam, that when broken, prevents the door from closing. In many cases one of these photo eyes could have been slightly bumped, causing it to not perfectly align with the other photo eye, which would prevent your garage door from closing. In other cases there may be a foreign object standing in the way, between the two photo eyes. Think of all the objects that are sitting inside of your garage. It is likely that a scooter, bike, skateboard or even one of your tools fell in the way to prevent your garage door from closing properly. Take the time to clean and inspect your garage door photo eye or call a professional garage door company as it may need realigning.

Does your Garage Door Opening on its Own?

One of the more disturbing problems that some people run into with their garage door is when it opens and closes on its own, even when the person is not home. This can be a bit disturbing, one because most people store some type of valuables in their garage like tools, recreational toys and other belongings that could easily be stolen by the passerby who notices that no one is home and the garage door was left open. Second, you may start to believe in ghosts if your garage door continues to open and close on its own. Do not spend your money on ghost busters. It is likely that one of your transmitters is being pushed without you realizing it; having something push down on it.

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