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Garage Door Myths Busted in Las Vegas, NV; All Garage Doors are NOT the Same with Interchangeable Parts, DIY Repairs are NOT a Good Idea!

Many industries in the world have to contend with ill conceived opinions that have been so readily accepted by the masses that these opinions are floating around as fact, when in reality they are nothing more than a myth. Even in the world of garage doors we hear some myths that need to be corrected.

AAA Action Doors have compiled a list of common myths involving garage doors

Myth: If a problem presents itself with the garage door, the whole system will need to be replaced.
Fact: In most cases, issues that arise in garage doors can be easily repaired, or a malfunctioning part replacement may all that is needed to effectively repair the garage door operation. AAA Action Doors only recommends a garage door replacement if repairs are impossible, or the repairs cost far exceed that of a garage door replacement. Our certified technicians can often repair problems quickly, efficiently and affordably.
Myth: Garage doors and garage door openers have interchangeable parts.
Fact: Garage doors and openers were all made in their own specific manner. Even manufacturers will have specific parts and components unique to particular models.
Myth: Garage doors that are well insulated are expensive and serve no purpose.
Fact: Insulated garage doors can reduce the energy lost through standard garage doors by up to 71% and insulated garage doors are just as affordable as standard doors. Where the high cost comes into play is when the insulated doors are equipped with insulated windows. Insulated windows are what increases higher priced insulated garage doors.
Myth: Garage doors are not esthetically pleasing.
Fact: Where there are many generic doors on the market, the main purpose of the garage door is functionality. But with so many diverse options, any garage door can enhance the charm of any home.
Myth: Garage doors are always safe.
Fact: Garage doors are engineered as the largest mechanical system in your home. There are many safety features in place, but any machine can malfunction. Always respect the garage door to avoid serious damage or injury.
Myth: Garage doors are one in the same.
Fact: Garage doors have come a long way. There are many styles, types, materials, colors, and functionality along with many different openers that operate them. Garage doors are similar, but still have many differences.
Myth: Garage doors are always very loud.
Fact: Machinery, including garage doors, makes noise. But if your garage door is operating with very loud sounds, it could be a sign of an underlying problem, and should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible to avoid major problems.
Myth: DIY repairs save time and money and are simple to do.
Fact: Some simple maintenance can be done by homeowners, however, many garage door repairs require a skilled technician with specifically designed tools to properly make need repairs. Additionally, many of the repairs can lead to serious critical injuries by someone who is unsure of proper procedures. If in doubt, call in a professional to provide repairs.

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There many other myths floating around, but we hoped we covered your concerns. AAA Action Doors has the experience and expertise to provide you with garage door services. Call us today!

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