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Best Materials Used For Garage Doors in Las Vegas, NV? Steel, Wood, Composite, Aluminum, Fiberglass & Vinyl

There is a garage door on nearly every home and garage across the US. The garage door is a large door that is usually on the front of the garage and uses a motor and springs to engage it to open and close. When you buy a home it has a garage door and as long as it works you probably don’t think much about it. When the motor goes out or the door is damaged beyond repair you need to look into buying a new door. AAA Action Doors believes you should be aware of some of your options so that you get what will best suit your home. You want to be sure that your home or garage looks good and the door will last for an appropriate amount of time.

AAA Action Doors lists materials commonly used in Las Vegas, NV for garage doors and the benefits of each.

Is A Steel Garage Door Right For You: If you want to go with a garage door that is more modern and has a sleeker look you can ask about having a steel door installed onto your garage. Another great thing about this material is that it is easy to clean off. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit whatever style home or garage you have. The steel is able to withstand the hot or cold weather and will not split or warp due to extreme temperatures. Some of the negatives of having a steel door is that they are more likely to dent so if you have a lot of playing around outside your garage this may not be best for you. The other thing is that the steel is not a great insulator so you may need to have insulation fitted and added to the door.
Wood Garage Doors Are Beautiful: One of the best things about choosing a wood garage door is the beauty that they bring to any home or garage. The look of the wood and the beautiful grain adds a great look to your garage door. Most of them are stained and sealed to leave the look of the wood for more character. It is also a great choice because of the flexibility in preparing the door in size, shape and details. They also can take some hits and not become damaged with dents like a steel door. The cons are that the wood will split if it is not maintained properly. Another con is that they can be expensive because of the craftsmanship of the door and the cost of the wood itself.
Vinyl Garage Doors Are More Common: When you go with a garage door that is made out of vinyl you are using a material that is more commonly used. They are more affordable and the great thing is that they are a composite color so they are less likely to chip and need less touch ups! They are also great in different types of weather because they can last and stand up to it. One of the negatives is that if you want to change the color, a special paint for vinyl must be used.

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Other garage door materials include wood composite, aluminum frame and fiberglass. If you want to have a new garage door replaced on your home call AAA Action Doors. We will consult with you and offer options to help find the best door for you!

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