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How to Tell if Garage Door is Unbalanced in Providence, NV; Not Level when Closed & More

An important aspect to ensuring your garage door is operating efficiently, maintains optimal working and aesthetic condition, as well as potentially extending the projected lifespan, is having the garage door be properly balanced. There are many contributions to these benefits, but an unbalanced door can cause several risks that include personal injury, or property damage. If you are aware and can recognize the warning signs of an unbalanced door early, you can avoid costly repairs to your garage door, vehicle, home as well as potential harm to anyone nearby. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to list the warning signs of an unbalanced garage door to help you avoid the negative impact.

Garage Door Not Level when Closed & Other Signs Door is Unbalanced

1) Garage door’s operating speed. An indication of an imbalanced garage door is noticing it is opening and closing slower than normal. More often than not, a garage door moving slower than normal goes unnoticed for a few days. Generally, this occurs because the right amount of push or pull is not being available to your garage door and if neglected, it will cause the garage door to continually slow down until it is no longer functional.
2) Overhead. To check the balance of the garage door, a simple test can be administered. Rather than with the remote, however, you will have to operate the door manually. In succession, open and close the door several times. The garage door is well balanced if the door continues to operate smoothly, even after continuous testing. In the event an open door closes by itself instead of remaining open, the issue is likely an imbalanced garage door.
3) Garage Door Looks Uneven. Watch when the garage door opens and closes. If it looks slighted or uneven in general, the garage door is unbalanced. By power not being transferred to all sections of the door equally, a slant is formed, which is a probable cause for this issue. The slant is because one end of the garage door lopsided.
4) Abnormal garage door noises. A perfectly balanced garage door will make little to no noise as it operates. As such, another indication there is an issue with your garage door’s balance, is hearing the strange sounds emit every time you open and close the garage door. The underlying issue can be a number of sources from poor lubrication in specific areas, stress on an old motor, or from gears that are cracking and popping. The first thing to try is to consult your manual and apply appropriate lubricant to the designated areas; if it persists you need a professional.

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Garage door maintenance and repairs can be dangerous, especially if you do not know what you are doing. If your garage door is imbalanced, aside from applying lubricant if you feel confident, it is essential you recruit a professional for your safety and efficient repair. Call AAA Action Doors and our technicians will assess your garage door to find the reasons as to why it is imbalanced and make the proper repairs.

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