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Garage Door Photo Eye Safety Sensor Inspection & Troubleshooting in Peccole Ranch, NV

The Photo Eye Sensor is an important part of your garage door system. For those who are unfamiliar with a garage door system or not sure as to why the photo eye sensor is so important, AAA Garage Doors will explain the purpose and function of the photo eye sensor, and why it is essential to your garage door and its operating systems.

Garage Door Photo Eye Wiring

There are two photo eye sensors that are located on each side of the garage door, about six inches or so off of the ground. Each sensor sends out an invisible beam that connects each of the sensors together. The purpose of the photo eye sensors is to detect obstruction. If there is an obstruction that interrupts the beams connection, the garage door will not close. The photo eye sensor essentially is a garage door’s safety system. The government federally mandated that all garage doors will be equipped with this safety system to prevent injury and even death. Photo eye sensors have been used on all garage doors since the 1990’s. This has greatly reduced the amount of accidents involving garage doors.

Garage Door Safety Inspection

If garage doors didn’t use photo eye sensors, once the garage door has been activated it will open or close and crush any obstruction, including pets, and of course people. There have been a number of property damages and injuries in the past. Garage doors are very heavy. With photo eye sensors the garage door will halt and prevent harm or damages. To help ensure your garage door’s safety system is still operating, it is important to inspect your photo eye sensors often. Some signs that there might be a problem with your photo eye sensors are:
• The red light on the sensor begins to blink.
• The garage door opens correctly but the garage door won’t close.
• The door will begin to close, stop and retract back up again.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors

The photo eye sensor may need to be replaced or sometimes it is something simple and easily fixed. There could be a number of problems with your photo eye sensor and it’s important to discover the source. Below are some suggestions as to why the photo eye sensor may not be working.
1.Check to see if something is blocking the photo eye sensors. Often a piece of debris, or a tool, or box may have gotten in the way of the sensor beams, which is sending the warning signal to your garage door. Make sure there is no obstructions and clear way if this is the problem. You may even need to have the photo eye sensor cleaned, particularly the lens.
2. Check to see in the photo eye sensors are in prefect alignment. Often a sensor may get knocked out of place and the two sensors don’t line up together anymore. Another common problem is when sunlight interferes with the sensors. Depending on the position of your home or the garage door, if sunlight hits the sensor it can cause them to fail. Try shading the sensor if your garage faces the sun.
3. If you can’t determine any problems with the photo eye sensors, contact a professional garage door technician. They can help determine the problem and make any repairs or replace any parts if needed. It is recommended ever few years to have your garage door operating systems inspected and make any repair necessary to prevent serious harm or injury.

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