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Preventing Garage Door Break Ins; How to Make Your Rhodes Ranch, NV House More Secure

When you are locking down your house for the night or when you are leaving for the day most people have a routine. You likely will check the doors and windows to make sure that they are closed and of course locked. These of course are some of the ways that a burglar would gain access to your house. They are a great start but you need to be cautious of your garage door as well. Many people will use the garage to store their belongings as well as their vehicle. The other problem is that the garage often has a door that leads right in the house. It is common to not lock this door because it is not a direct route outside. This can be the exact way that a thief would get in. Knowing some tips and tricks to keeping your garage door secure can help keep your house from being broken into.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Tips for Securing Your Garage Door from Burglary

Secure Garage Door with a Zip Tie: One of the ways that a thief might gain access to your house is through the garage door. You might be thinking that you have a door that works with a motor and can only be opened with the remote or when you are actually in the garage already. This is not true. At the front of the garage on the inside of the garage door is a release handle that is there for emergencies. With a skinny wire a thief can gain access to that from the bottom of the closed garage door and release the handle. In a few minutes the door is open and thieves are inside. You can stop this from happening by securing a plastic zip tie to the emergency latch. You want to have a pair of scissors nearby so you can release the zip tie when you need to use it.
Hide Garage Door Opener in Car or Take with You: The remote clicker that comes with your garage door is a great addition. They are usually taken with you to the you vehicle and placed securely in the dash. When you pull up home you can click the button and have access to your garage and your house. The problem is that all a thief would have to do is break into the car and grab the clicker and there are in. Simple and quick especially if you forget to lock your car that night. You want to make sure that you hide the remote really well or better yet, take the remote in the house and never leave it out in your car.
Garage Door Maintenance: You also want to make sure that you keep your garage door in good working condition. The door needs to be repaired and taken care of on a regular basis. That way the hinges are secured tightly and the tracks are in good condition. The better the garage door is in shape the less likely it is that someone can gain access to the garage.

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