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How to Measure for a Garage Door in Henderson, NV; Rough Opening, Minimum Headroom Etc

There is a plethora of information that is useful when it comes time to replace the garage door, but one of the top priorities is getting the proper size. This is especially prudent if your garage door is custom made. With the right plan of attack, measuring your garage door is relatively easy. To ensure a proper fit, the measurement needs to be precise. AAA Garage Doors would like to take the opportunity to share how to measure the garage door in preparation for finding a new garage door replacement.

Tools & Equipment Needed to Measure Garage Door

First, you will need to gather some tools and equipment. Having these things already within your reach will allow you to execute the project with efficiency. With that in mind, collect the following items needed for the garage door measuring task:
– Measuring Tape
– Note Pad
– Pen or Pencil
– Step Ladder

Garage Door Measuring Guide

Now getting to the nitty-gritty of measuring the garage door; take note of the measurements with your pen and notepad and start by measuring the widest point of the width of the garage door. These measurements are better off recorded in feet and inches. Measure the garage door from the middle of the left side of the finished opening directly across to the right side. Keep in mind that a traditional measuring tape may require two people at that distance, or if you are flying solo and have access to a digital tape, the task will be far simpler.

Garage Door Headroom Minimum

Measure the height of the garage door from the highest possible point from the level of the floor to the top of the finished opening. Follow up with the next measurement that is the space between the door opening and the ends of the garage from the width of the opening to either side to the end of the garage. Keep in mind that to install a vertical track, an additional 4” on each side is required and at least 10” wide is needed for a double car garage door with a center post. The next measurement is the distance from the ceiling to the top of the door opening, which is referred to as the headroom in the industry. Because the garage door will need to roll up on the tracks through this area, this measurement is equally essential.

Other Standard Garage Door Measurements

The distance from the back of the garage to the garage door opening is the final measurement needed. This space is known as the backroom; because this is the area where your garage door will retract when it opens. This measurement is also required. You will need to know the measurement of the door height plus 18” for manual lift doors or 4.2” for doors that retract with an electric garage door opener if you have a sectional door.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Having the measurements in hand to acquire your garage door replacements will help you narrow down your search down. When deciding on the garage door, you will need to decide on the type of material used for your garage door, the finish, hardware, windows, if you want it insulated, and other such features. For further assistance AAA Action Doors can help you get the garage door that fits your needs, including budget, and get it installed quickly and efficiently. Contact us for all your garage door needs.

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